Problem with ROON & taskbar in Windows 10

This PC is the core and it has a new AMD motherboard and ancilleries. Today, out of the blue, the taskbar just vanished if ever Roon was opened. The taskbar is there whever any other program is opened but vanishes with ROON. I get it back temporarily with the windows key but it vanishres again when using ROON.

I’ve rebooted ROON - no use. Rebooted the whole PC - no use either.

In settings I’m unable to check that the taskbar is there for multiple windows so that might be a clue.

Not a huge issue, but an irritant I would be grateful to have solved. It seems very odd it only occurs with ROON so I thought someone here might know the answer.


You may have activated the full-screen mode for Roon. Try pressing the F11-key to get out of the full-screen mode.

Thanks. Odd that it only applied to Roon.

This is the usual behavior. If you activate it for your browser then it affects your browser, when you activate it for Roon it affects Roon. Some programs might not have/support a full-screen view and some might not support a persistent full-screen view while others do.

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