Problem with Shuffle Function

I recently shuffled a Playlist. Now, when I play an Album or another Playlist, they are also shuffled. How can I control this function so that I can shuffle and “unshuffle” at will?

Also, an ominous “Reset” Button has appeared at the top of the Playlist I originally shuffled. I am tempted to press this Button, but terrified that something horrible will happen.
Is this connected to my shuffle problem?

Before posting this problem I did separate searches for “shuffle” and “reset.” in both the Knowledge Base and the Users Guide. A surprisingly small number of “hits” were returned.

My Roon core is on a desktop running Windows 10; my network is wired; my control device is an ios tablet; my output device is an OPPO UDP-205 player.


I think the reset button is there all the time. I think it is there to reset if you have used a filter in the playlist by using one of the little filters in the header.
pre filter
post filter
If you click on the queue symbol the screen that comes up is where you select shuffle or not

Hi @William_Stripling,

The reset button will reset any filter or sort that you currently have on your playlist.

Can you navigate to the Queue screen and confirm that the Shuffle option is disabled? Please see the screenshot below:

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