Problem with Sonore uPnP bridge in sonicTransporter [Resolved]

Hello all. I have a Small Green Computer sonicTransporter with the Sonore uPnP software on it as my Roon bridge to my Bel Canto REFStreamer. Until yesterday morning – when for some reason that I do not understand – it was all operating properly. My Synology 1813+ NAS changed dynamic internal IP address (for the first time I had ever seen – it had always been on, but switched to After that occurred, the Sonore uPnP bridge sees the Bel Canto renderer, but Roon no longer sees the Bel Canto renderer.

The sonicTransporter has Sonore version 1.0.13. As noted above, it is properly identifying the Bel Canto renderer. The sonicTransporter is on version 2.3 of its firmware. Roon is running on v1.3 build 204, the latest. Squeezebox support is enabled in Roon. 192/WAV is set for output in sonicTranporter. I am running Roon on my CAPSZuma i7 server, also built for me by Small Green Computer. It’s a Windows 2012R setup with the latest version of Audiophile Optimizer running in minimal core format.

In Roon, I can see my five SONOS boxes and all five of my RPi3 RoonBridges and all of the DACs connected to them and the core (7 different DACs that all are working with Roon, including my multichannel miniDSP DAC!). And all of those are working. But no Bel Canto renderer any longer.

So why did it disappear and how do I get it back?

Thanks all. JCR

Ok I feel dumb. I think it was a handshake issue. I thought I had disconnected and rebooted everything multiple times over the past two days trying to fix this. Well, I guess I had not disconnected and reconnected the ethernet cable from the i7 server running Roon core while the server was up and running. That solves this.

Thanks all. JCR