Problems after changed new music server/roon core

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VV audio vanadium music server (with roon core and built in storage)

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Description of Issue

I observed that some functions were lost when I changed new music server/roon to play. When I use the old music server and play a music file, I will see some functions at the bottom of the screen such as “Popular releases”, “For you”, “New releases” and “Similar Albums”. But when I use new music server/roon, the above functions are lost.
Who can tell me the reason and how to set the roon to release the above functions? Thank you so much…

You will only see those sections if you have enabled Roon’s integration with one of its streaming service providers (e.g. Tidal or Qobuz)…

I have logged in Qobuz already but I cannnot see those functions.

Then I suggest that you ask VV Audio Lab for support…

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