Problems Editing Genres

Hi all, I’m trying to make sense of the Genre threads, and failing miserably. Some stuff I managed to fix, some I worked around. Now here’s something I can’t find a seperate thread on. In my Genre overview there’s something called International. I don’t like the term, so I checked the content. It would fit nicely in my World genre. So, to settings / library / edit mode. What do you know? International does not exist as a genre in Roon and not as a genre in my own library tags. Now what?.

If I’m not mistaken it is in Roon’s genre list, certainly was in Rovi’s.

I get two columns; one on the left ‘genres from your files’, and one on the right ‘genres from Roon’.
Now on the left side, there’s a truckload of Genres I have never used. On neither side there’s anything remotely like ‘International’. When I use the search pane, ‘in’ will produce some results, ‘int’ will stop the search,

Hi Egbert,

I moved your posts to a new thread.

In Settings > Library > Import Settings, under Genre Settings, do you have both Roon Genres and Genres from your File tags set to Yes? I assume so.

In your screenshot, the Genres on the left column are Genres from your file tags, so according to this screen, you do not have an International genre in your tags.

The International genre will be from Roon. You need to go to the Album Browser and click Focus > Genre and find International. You can then edit the albums to remove International and add World.

Hint: You can select all these International albums and edit then all at once. If you need help with this, let us know.

Cheers, Greg

If you search for ‘international’ and navigate to the Genre details page, or if you focus on Albums > Genres > Instrumental, what do you see?

Now it shows content for International.

Ok, now I know how to find find them. First attempts at getting rid of the tag failed. Just selecting ‘x’ does not work.
@Greg: yes, I think I would appreciate the help you so generously offered…

Greg, tx for gettig back so quickly. Feeling bad for being slow on the uptake.
The first two on the left hand are ‘cast recordings’ and ‘contemporary instrumental’.
I can assure you these are not from my taglist as I know it. This is what that looks like to me.

Hi Egbert,

Glad to help. Before we do any editing, we should know how you want your Genres organized. Roon allows for multiple genres per album and artist.

Maybe give this a read.

Some people, like myself, just use Roon genres. Others just want to use the genres in their file tags, because they’ve been meticulously grooming them for years and aren’t interested in Roons. Then there are people who want a combination of both. Currently with your Settings, you are in the latter group.

So, if you are going to use Roon’s genres, as well as your own, you might want to leave International there and just add World to the albums. It’s up to you, of course.

Let us know what you would like to see with your genres and we can go from there.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg tx, I’ve got some reading to do. Let you know when I know.
btw: nice avatar!

Thanks. They’re my B&W 802’s. :grinning:

btw, here is a link to the complete Roon User Guide.

Cheers, Greg

Hi. Most of my Genre stuff works fine now, tx.
There’s at least one that baffles me. It’s Pop/Rock. Seems to be a sort of catch-all that doesn’t exist.
Most of my albums are (also) tagged as ‘Pop/Rock’ but it does not appear in the Genre editor.
Now when I want to select ‘pop’ I get ‘rock’ thrwon in for free because it’s everywhere. How do I get rid of it?

I’m not @Greg, but if you go to the “Album” view, focus on genre “Pop/Rock”, select all, and then edit the albums, you should then be able to delete the genre “Pop/Rock” from the selected albums.

I should note that in testing this, I didn’t go all the way, because I didn’t want to mass-delete that genre from 500+ albums — I prefer to delete it on a case-by-case basis, when I notice it and it offends me. :wink:

Also, I couldn’t get close to doing this from my iPad Pro remote (lack of responsiveness with all the albums selected, problems selecting “Pop/Rock” as a genre in the Edit dialog); I had to use my iMac to get to the penultimate step.

Thanks for adding your bit
I get to view / focus and selecting all, but I can’t mass-edit the selection.
This is what a single edit looks like:

And this is what mass-edit looks like:

The option ‘edit album’ is just not there.
So I’ll have to go through 3.500-ish albums one-by-one. Oh boy. Won’t be bored 'till Christmas…

You only have a single album selected here – you can click where it says “1 Selected” to select all.

Selecting all is not the issue, as you can see in my 2nd capture. It’s that I can’t seem to mass-edit, no matter how I select all the albums. The option ‘edit album’ where I can delete the Pop/Rock label just isn’t there for multiple selects.
Amend that: It does work for multiple selects, just not for ‘select all’. So there’s a limit to what I can edit in a select. I’ll go out and find it…
Thanks so far!
Amend that again: the option tab is there, just not the option to change the Genre label. Fooled me.
It’s fine, gives me something to do while I listen…

Ah, yeah – we only show this albums when you select less than a thousand albums.

There are times when loading that screen could take way too long otherwise, but you should be able to get this done in a few passes – way less than 3500 at least :slight_smile:

not really
This is what the single edit looks like:

and here’s what it looks like when I select 4 albums (from one artist)

No Genre pane here.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do?

If you want to remove Pop/Rock from 1000 albums, you should be able to type Pop/Rock into the “Remove” field next to Genres in your second screenshot. Does that not help?

Beautiful !!

Scratch that.
I select some 300 albums starting with 10cc
Edit / remove Pop/Rock from genre. It just does nothing to the selected albums. They just reappear when selecting again. The genre is not deleted from the tags. Sad. Not sure what it does, but not as I expect.
Can’t you just make me a ‘give me what I need’ button?