Problems moving Roon from OS-X to Roon Server on Windows 10 (solved)

I have problems moving roon from OS-X to roon server on Windows 10. I already posted this question here:

I tried it again today. I restored roon on my iMac, my edits, play counts and date added were there again. The version is 1.1 build 102. I forced a full rescan and closed roon.
I copied the roon directory via the network to my windows 10 NUC. I saved it as RoonServer and installed roon server again on the NUC.

As the new log-files are saved in the same directory, I assume that the path is correct.

I then deinstalled roon from the iMac and installed it again as a remote. I pointed the data source to the SSD drive in the NUC. It found the music, but all my edits are still gone. It now shows the correct number of albums, in contrarary to yesterday.

I really have no clue what I am doing wrong.

I think its the pointing at the SSD that is the problem as this is not setting it as a remote. You should just be able to point it to the existing server.

Hi Nick

What do you mean by “this is not setting it as a remote”? You have to use the remote to set the storage folder.

The files -and directory structure- on the SSD are the same like on the network drive. The SSD is a local drive in the NUC.

Yesterday, I tried it with the original NAS-connection, and in the beginning the edits were there, but during scanning these disappeared.

Are you 100% sure that you deleted the Roon folder from the Library folder on your Mac prior to re-provisioning it as a Remote?

Also, please could you post a screenshot of the Storage tab within Settings?

I think I found my error. When changing the music location from the network drive to the local drive, I disabled the network drive.
I now read, that you have to remove it and now it looks much better. The play counts are there again and recently added shows up correct as well.

@Mark_S regarding deleting the Roon folder from the Mac: I guess I might have forgotten that yesterday, that might explain the double count of the albums.

So clearly an user error!

No problem, happened to me too migrating from Mac -> Windows.

The app uninstall process is somewhat inconsistent between the two OSes because Mac does not offer a prompt to delete the Roon user folder. You have to remember to do it manually.

By the way:

It sounds much better from the NUC than from the iMac. There are probably multiple reasons for this:

  1. the NUC is connected with 0.7m AQ cinnamon ethernet cable to the switch, the Mac with 12.5 meter MeiCord (
  2. The NUC runs only Roon and does not have a display
  3. The Mac has the music on a NAS (through the same 12.5m ethernet cable), vs a local SSD in the NUC

So I am not trying to say that a Windows PC sounds better than an iMac :wink: