Problems using Chromecast with Roon

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacBook Pro (Dual-Core Intel Core i5, macOS Catalina)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
I just bought the paid version of Roon as it seems to me an excellent tool for my hobby of listening music. Everything works fine except it doesn’t connect properly with my Chromecast devices (Chromecast Audio and Chromecast TV).

However, Chromecast does work very well in my Qobuz application or from my smartphone. I have tried shutdown, boot, etc. and I can’t find any solution. This is really a problem for me. I have not found the solution in your support community.

Could you help me?..

Thanks in advance for your help.

Pepe Monfort (Spain)

You need to activate the chrome devices with the Google Home app on your smart phone before they will appear as Roon end points.

Hi Tom, when I installed Room I already had my Chromecast devices configured in Google Home. These devices appeared in my Roon application, the problem is that, when I want to listen to music through them, they take time to respond or simply don’t work, when they do, they only activate for a few seconds and dropout. I do not understand what happens since they work correctly with other applications like Qobuz. I have checked the settings of Google Home and everything seems correct but I still have the same problems.

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi @Pepe_Monfort

Is there anything unusual/complicated about your WiFi configuration?

No, my wifi is simple, never had problems. Maybe this helps: I found that Chromecast devices work well when, using Roon, I listen to radio stations (via My Live Radio), however they don’t work when I want to listen to my Qobuz music.

Thanks for your help Andy!

Roon can be picky with WiFi. Things like range extenders often cause problems…

Simple things first…

Are the Qobuz streams high resolution (ie big!)?
What happens if you play local files?
Are you able to try a wired ethernet cable from router to MacBook?

I have tried to lower the quality in Qobuz and it works better so it seems that was the problem. As I do not have the Ethernet adapter for the MacBook (I have ordered it and it will arrive soon), I have changed the band of the Wi-Fi of the MacBook to 5G and also it improves the system.

I think that in a few days I will have everything resolved and it will work correctly.

Thank you very much for answering me soon and helping me to solve the problem, I am really enjoying Roon.

Glad it’s working better! Changing to 5GHz band was a good idea.

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Hello @Pepe_Monfort and welcome to the community! I’m glad to know things are working better. Let us know if you need help again!

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Thanks!!! I’m having a exiting experience with Roon.

The problem when switching to an ethernet connection it’s that you lose the remote capability with your smartphone App

@NjB I don’t think you should lose remote functionality - what happened?

Just because remote fonctionality with smartphone needs WiFi and when I connect a device with ethernet its like it uses a different network

All Roon core, endpoint and remote devices do need to be on the same subnet; but in most home networks that is true by default, whether wired or wireless. Are you using a separate WiFi hub/range extender/access point/etc that your remotes connect to?

Yes @AndyR I’m using a WiFi hub Tenda Mesh System in charge of all the WiFi devices at Home (3 separate Cubes) and One of them is wirely connected to the Router it is called the gateway and gives IP to the WiFi devices
All other devices PC’s TV’s are wirely connected to the Router
In fact 2 Networks but connected one each other

It’s likely the ‘two networks’ that is the problem; if you want to change it I think you need to reconfigure so that all devices get their IP address from the same DHCP service. Possibly a bit of physical replugging if that’s practicable (I don’t know if you have any intermediate ethernet switches) or by config settings in router or mesh system.

Yes that’s what I want to do
Only 1 Gateway and only 1 DHCP serveThe Router
That’s what I’m planning to do
But for the moment I’ve found a compromise that feet me , and I’ll make Tests and experimentations later
Regards @AndyR

Hi again Andy! Today the Ethernet adapter I bought has arrived, I have connected the MacBook directly to the wired Ethernet network and I am very happy to tell you that, although it had already improved connecting it to the 5G wifi band, now everything works much better…

…thanks again for your help!!!

That’s good. Have fun with Roon!

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