Problems with Pairing B&O Beoplay M3 Speakers

I am using Roon mainly with KEF LS50 Wireless and things have been working fine. I recently got a pair of B&O Beoplay M3 speakers. I read through some of the forums that I could pair them up with Google Home app (using Chromecast) and did so and it was shown as a connected pair in Roon for a while and I was able to connect using wireless and the quality was great for a while… However the problem started when suddenly this paired speakers disappeared from the Audio settings of Roon.

I tried many rounds of troubleshooting, by removing the pair, and re-doing the pairing using Google Home, resetting the speakers and reconfiguring them but in all cases I was unable to see them as a connected pair in Roon again. I was able to see them as independent speakers as L& R (I call them L & R to identify them).

I am not sure what changed but this happened pretty much all of a sudden, possible an update of Roon as nothing much has changed with my network / hardware / configs.

I now have the option to group these two L & R as one group in Roon and stream my music through them through Airplay. I cant seem to do it via wireless for lossless streaming. There are some other challenges too with this. When I first play my music, they don’t always start at the same time, or the volume levels are not consistent for a few seconds and then they settle down. It feels as if music is moving from left to right and right to left definitely not desirable.

Occasionally only with this configuration, the music pauses all of a sudden, possibly due to some loss in connection and then I have to resume the song again in Roon and it runs well, possibly resulting in the same occasional pause after a few minutes / hours.

Any idea whats happening here?