Problems with remotes disconnecting from Innuos Core + playback stopping

Got the same problem and a very similar setup, innous mini and devialet 220.

Here is what I have tried
1] both the innous and the devialet is connected to the router
then I both see a no-connection, like the one you describe,
and also loss of sound. But only the sound, the music keeps playing.
The sound comes back after 10 - 20 sec

2] if I add an usb cable between innous and the devialet, and setup roon to play
via the USB, then I only see the lost of connection

3] starts playing music using setup described in 2] and
then disconnects the Internet cable between innous and the router,
then there is no problem at all [ well of course apart from, that I have to connect the innous again
if I want play something else]

Regards Henrik

Hi @henrik_ahlers,

Can you provide some details on your networking setup? What router are you using? Is there any other networking hardware in use?

What remote devices are you using? Does this occur for all remotes?

Router: sagemcom, 3890v3
The cables from the router to innous/devialet are both cat8 from supra.
Remotes: mostly an 8 inch huawei m5 tablet and sometimes a Samsung s10. Makes no difference which one i use
That is all the hardware in use
Regards Henrik

Hi @henrik_ahlers,

Do you have a Windows or Mac device that you can connect to the network via Ethernet? It would be good to know if remotes only disconnect when connected via WiFi or if all remotes disconnect.


I did try to connect a Windows 10 pc, via ethernet.

It had the loss of sound, don’t remember whether it also disconnected.

[I don’t own a pc so don’t have the possibility to retest before the weekend ]

But, the problem started about 2 months ago and there has been no change in hardware - well, have changed the router, because I thought it was the problem, but no.

Best regards


Hi @henrik_ahlers — Thanks for confirming.

Generally an issue like this will stem from one of two places — Either there is a networking issue or there is an issue stemming from the Core machine.

Your network setup isn’t complex, though I’m not familiar with the Sagemcom device. Is this an ISP provided router?

If you do have access to a PC this weekend to test, it would be an interesting data point to know if the same behavior occurs when you’re using the PC as a Core. Do remotes disconnect? Does playback stop?

Another good test would be to connect the Devialet via USB instead of playing to it over the network. While the remotes will still disconnect, it would be good to know if playback stops or not. If playback doesn’t stop but remotes continue to disconnect, this points toward networking issues.

Tested using a Windows 10 pc

Yes, the router is an ISP,

Did 2 tests
1] using ethernet cables - loss of sound, but no disconnection
2] playing through an USB cable, but also keeping the pc connected to the net using cable.
All fine
I both cases the innous was turned off.

In case 1] roon had difficulties loading the first 2,3,4 numbers and therefor skipped them - a problem I have had before, but as far as I remember only when streaming from tidal.
Some of the times roon did start playing the number for a second or two, before giving up, and in some few cases started plying for second or so, then kept silence again for second, started playing again before giving up with the notice - file is being loaded too slowly

Regards Henrik

Hi @henrik_ahlers,

With this, we’ve confirmed that the problem definitely exists between the Devialet and the Core when playing over the network.

Regarding the Devialet issue, please see this post from John:

Regarding the remotes disconnecting, can you confirm if you connected other remotes to the Windows device during this test? Did they disconnect?

Did i connect orher remotes to the Windows pc:

Hi @henrik_ahlers,

I think the Devialet issue is the one noted above by John, so the remote disconnection issue I believe is what we should focus in on next.

It would definitely be good to know how this works here. If the remotes disconnect when connecting to the Windows Core then we know that there is likely a bigger networking issue at play. If remotes do not disconnect when connected to the Windows Core then we know this is specific to the Innuos Core.