Problems with Roon and Meridian Devices

Hello - I am having problems with Roon and my MERIDIAN devices. After 2-3 seconds (sometimes a few seconds longer) the music stops on both the 861 V8 and the 818 V3. If I choose different endpoints in the house (multiple B&W speakers, Apple HomePod’s, the old MERIDIAN G65/3000/33 devices, etc.) everything works fine and the music plays. CD/DVD/BD via OPPO no problems, LP via 818 also perfect. Only the Roon connection is on strike. ROON Core is a MAC Mini M1. I had the problem earlier also but only rarely, since the music interrupted and started again after a few seconds. Since I have a brand new 861 V8 as a replacement device in the system it got worse. Now I can no longer stream Roon to the M devices, it is also not the Internet, which runs fine and fast. The problem is also with the albums stored on the SSD hard drive, the music goes away after a few seconds, more often the endpoint disappears for a few seconds and then appears again without me having to do anything.
Regards stefan

Stefan you are not alone having trouble with Roon and Meridian devices. Last October after a Roon firmware update, Roon lost control of Meridian endpoints (218, ID40 etc). The Roon team is aware of the problem and we all waiting for a solution. Until then you will have to use any other non meridian Roon endpoint to listen to your Roon music. Roon loses control of Meridian zone players

Hi Georgius - Thanks for your reply and the not very encouraging information. It seems that the Roon people are no longer very connected to the MERIDIAN people and their customers!

I have had multiple Meridian end points (two id40’s four ms200’s and an Ensemble with four zones)connected for a few years without issue. Originally connected through Mac mini and now Nucleus with Zyxtel gigabit switch.