Problems with Roon app for Android on Galaxy Tab A8

Roon Core Machine=

Sonnet Hermes

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wifi/ethernet via AT&T BGW210 router

Connected Audio Devices

Sonnet Hermes streamer (Roon ready) connected to Sonnet Morpheus DAC via I2S ethernet cable

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

This is a weird one: connected Roon to the Sonnet Hermes pretty seamlessly from a Dell XPS laptop, but I thought a tablet would be much easier, so I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 and downloaded the Roon app for Android. It could not connect to the Hermes at all, just keeps looking for the Roon Core. but when I opened the Roon app, it completely disabled the keyboard function on the Samsung A8. I’ve been unable to restore this function on the tablet and needless to say, the Roon app is completely useless. Is this tablet unable to run Roon? Has anybody else had this problem?

Is the tablet on the same network as the Dell? I have a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 from a few years ago and that works fine with the keyboard and all. (Even the best tablets are not ideal for extended editing though)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 can run a Roon Client. It cannot be a Roon Core.

Have you tried turning on the on-screen keyboard in Roon to see if that helps

I don’t have this setting on my Galaxy Tab A 10.1, probably because it’s a touch-only device/OS

Could be. Roon does alter setting options per device. I have the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Now I thought maybe because the S8 Ultra is prepared for having a keyboard attached, but the option is not there on my iPad Pro 12.9 either, which were much is keyboard-enabled as well (with the Apple Magic Keyboard a standard option). Seems a bit inconsistent :slight_smile:

But yeah maybe the OP has it and then it may have to be turned on

I can also have it wrong. I don’t have the A8 to test. If you have the A8, do you have issues with the Samsung UI keyboard being active while running Roon?

It’s an Galaxy Tab A 10.1 in my case (from 2018, Android 11) and having no keyboard issues whatsoever as I wrote in the second post of the thread already :slight_smile:
I thought a Tab A10.1 and Tab A8 should be similar enough but maybe not …