Problems with Roon playing to Linn Majik DSM

@noris, please provide an update on my case ASAP. Been too long and I’m getting pretty frustrated.

@patouskii, I modified the NIC settings as recommended, no change in behavior. Roon sees the Linn streamer and even sees things like volume status (e.g. when I change the Linn’s volume, the Roon app updates instantly). But playing music to the Linn as an endpoint does not even begin - it tries to play a song, waits at 0:00 time, times out, tries the next in the queue, etc. etc.

Hello @John_H_Sea,

Apologies for the delay in reply here, I had to check with our team regarding your case. According to the logs, it appears that you are running into the same issue with Linn streaming that we’re aware of and working with Linn on, and this investigation is in progress.

The team has asked if you can please confirm if Airplay to your Linn zone is stable, as that would provide some more context here if just the Linn protocol is impacted or if other protocols like Airplay are as well. Can you please let me know this info when you have a chance?

I don’t typically use AirPlay but can test tonight, will let you know. Thanks!

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Enabled the Linn in Ron via AirPlay and it works as expected. Problem must be with the Linn.

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Hi @John_H_Sea ,

Thanks for confirming that Airplay works as expected, I’ve forwarded this observation to the team for the investigation!

Any update on the issue? Is it actively being worked, or are the devs all heads down on 1.8 cleanup?

Unless a fix got shipped in 1.8 - I’d love if that were true :slight_smile:

Hi @John_H_Sea ,

No changes in 1.8 regarding this issue unfortunately, but we are still actively looking into this with Linn.

Thanks @noris.

For the diagnostic logging you enabled, are those logs stored locally on Core in a spot where I could pull them? Since progress on your end is so slow I’d like to examine them myself and potentially open up a support case with Linn directly. I’ve spent a lot of money with them and you all, their product is still listed as “Roon Tested,” and is not working. Not happy with either of your companies right now.

Hi @John_H_Sea ,

Yes, Roon logs are accessible by using these instructions.

Hello, I’m having a similar problem with my Linn Majik DSM/3, with Roon core on Synology DSM 1019+, so I’m quite interested about whatever comes out with your discussions with Linn :slight_smile:


Hey @Stalaktite and @noris, I didn’t do anything with the logging, etc. since the last posts on the thread. Kind of a PITA and have been busy.

Ended up finding the time today, but first had to upgrade core and my Windows client app to the latest releases. After upgrading, streaming to my Linn Majik DSM is now working! Really odd but I’ll take it.

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That’s something I’ve experienced with my systems (Linux core, Klimax at location 1, Selekt at location 2). My not-really-confirmed hunch is that bringing up an updated core with the Linn system already up is more likely to avoid the problem. But there are too many other factors, such as updating router firmware, power outages, that seem to revive the problem. Not complaining right now as my Selekt has been streaming from the Roon core perfectly for weeks :slight_smile:

Linn kit is quite ‘fussy’ with networks.

For example, when I bought my KDS/3, I tried connecting it directly to the router. It didn’t show-up on the network all of the time, and would often ‘drop out’.

Linn recommend the use of a simple, unmanaged switch to go between the router and the DS:

I did this, and I’ve had zero problems since.

My advice? Try a simple NETGEAR unmanaged switch between your DS and the network, and it might solve your problems.

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Life is complicated… My main Klimax system was installed by a very experienced Linn dealer. Because of the house’s layout and construction, our only option was to use MoCA adapters to connect router, Klimax system hub, and the network segment (also with Netgear unmanaged switches) with the Roon core using the coax already in the walls. The Linn dealer swears by these adapters, and they seem to work great for everything else, but the Roon “stop at the end of track” problem still pops up occasionally. At a secondary location, I have a Selekt hub with a fully managed UniFi network with a UDM router and several USW switches over existing cat 5. Since this network was all wired out (for a while it had a temporary WiFi backhaul), zero issues.

My theory is that the combination of UDP-based Linn Songcast protocol with Roon’s specific network stack is rather fragile: with UDP, there’s no error detection/correction/retransmit. Roon must have moved RAAT from UDP to TCP for a reason…

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Great additional detail.

In case it’s useful info, my setup has a 5 port unmanaged switch between the WiFi router and the Linn. Both my core and the Linn are plugged into the switch (both while I had trouble and after it cleared up).

I think there’s a good reason why there’s a big sticker on the side of a Linn DS box clearly stating:




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