Problems with Roon/Russound integration

I have a Russound whole-home system, consisting of an MCAC3 (6 zones with wired speakers), and a DMS-3.1 (streamer), connected to a QNAP TVS-871 containing my Roon core. The Russound is for non-critical background listening. There are 6 keypads in different locations, such as the ensuite or deck.
I know that this is not supported by Roon, but Roon recognizes the 3 music streams, and the arrangements has been satisfactory until a short time ago, when the DMS-3.1 began to act up. It has now stopped working.
Before I start fixing the Russound system, I want to see what else is available.
I am looking for:

  1. A minimum 6 zone controller;
  2. Uses existing wired speakers
  3. Can use existing keypads/has dedicated keypads
  4. Can connect to a NAS
  5. Will be recognized by Roon.

I am looking for an elegant solution in each room, where the system will have a wall-mounted controller/keypad, hard-wired to a central amp.


I’m curious if you found a solution. I am in the same situation as you. I am just testing it now and can hook it into a single zone. I haven’t tried any features in terms of the play/pause buttons on the keypad. I just set it to the correct zone then use my phone to select everything. It would be nice to have it setup such that I can select 6 different zones in the keypad and get six different streams from the Roon. Not sure if that is possible.