Problems with sound

My setup includes an Intel NUC with Rock at the core, and various HiFi Berry / Ropiee remotes. Before going on an extended trip, I shut down the Rock. When I returned, I turned the Rock back on. Two of the remotes now play - the other three don’t. All remotes are recognized by Roon Software, and the software shows songs progressing on all remotes, but no sound plays on any but two of the remotes.
I’ve rebooted every remote, and the core, and the router, with no improvements.
Before my trip (when everything worked - and had been working for years), volume control was set to “Device Volume” on all remotes. I have tried changing that setting to DSP Volume, without success. In fact, I’ve found that if I set the two working remotes to DSP volume I have no control over volume at all - volume is permanently muted. However, on the other remotes the issue is just the reverse - the volume control “works” (albeit there is no sound coming through) only if DSP Volume is selected - if Device Volume is selected the volume control is permanently muted (no ability to increase the level) and the volume level is shown as a negative number.
Along the way, when accessing the remotes to reboot them, I noticed that the Ropiee software required updating - so I did that. I also switched each remote to a static IP address and reserved that address in the router. None of these efforts helped bring sound to any but two of the five remotes.
The situation remains with the Roon Software recognizing each remote, but with only two remotes passing sound out to the speakers.
In this illustration I have reset all remotes to Device Volume. As you can see, three of these remotes have a negative volume setting of -2147483…

Hi @Ronald_Lyster,

It looks like you have your zones grouped in the screenshot, can you please confirm if the behavior is the same if you un-group them?

Can you clarify the model/manufacturer of which remotes are working vs which ones are not? What outputs are you trying to control with your Remotes, the Rasberry Pi endpoints?

I think you may be confusing a Roon Remote with an Audio Endpoint in the post, the Roon Remote is the device controlling the Core, but your Rasberry Pi audio outputs would be endpoints in this case.

Same behavior ungrouped. However, I was able to resolve by setting minimum volume level of 10%. Still, I wonder how this could have happened in the first place…

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