Problems with The Rolling Stones Mono 186 tracks download

Dear Staff:
I purchased and downloaded from The latest Rolling Stones Mono album download in AIFF, 192/24, containing 186 tracks. As with all albums in my music library, I located the album in my music library on a Promise Pegasus 18TB Raid 5 R6 Thunderbolt drive.

All 186 tracks appear correctly in iTunes (latest edition). But in the latest edition of roon, the next album, as designated, lists only 120 tracks. When I click on highlight the album, identify the album, all 186 tracks appear. I accepted this edition and click save, but the result is that the album remains at 120 tracks.

2011 (mid) Mac Mini 17, 16GB, latest edition of roon. Music library stored on Thunderbolt Raid5 R6. Art work displays correctly, Tried, identify, rescan, etc. nothing results in the full display of all 186 tracks. First time, I have experienced this result with an album added to roon. Perhaps roon regards the other 66 tracks as duplicates (?).

If I have left out any information that would be pertinent to getting support, please let me know. As always, appreciate the excellent support provided by roon staff.


hi richard,

please refer to:

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for the quick response. I am patient. Appreciate that there is a future for the other 66 tracks. I can get satisfaction, delayed or otherwise (smile).
Best regards,

Aha! Referred to the roon user guide and learned about the 120 track limitation that I was obviously unaware of or would not have started an unnecessary thread. Sorry about the redundancy. Feel free to remove my post if it will help.