Problems with ultraRENDU and Oppo Sonica DAC

I had previously been using Roon with an ultraRENDU endpoint connected to the Kii Control DAC that drove my Kii speakers. I’ve now moving the ultraRENDU to another room where there’s a different DAC, an Oppo Sonica.

So I hooked everything up and Roon saw the ultraRENDU and that it was connected to the Sonica. I played some redbook files and all worked fine for a while. I tried a 96/24 file and that was fine too. When I went back to the redbook files, Roon started to play the first file and then immediately went to the next file, then the one after that, etc. So it basically skipped through the entire album without actually playing anything. Once this happened, I could not play anything – Roon would just attempt to play and then skip to the next file, then the next, then the next. The signal path indicator was purple the whole time. Rebooting both the Rendu and the DAC fixes things temporarily, but it happens over and over again. One thing that is guaranteed to trigger the problem is simply pausing playback.

Any ideas?

Details of the difference in how you connect to the network between the two locations.

In my old setup, the ultraRENDU was connected using a CAT6 cable to my in-house Ethernet wiring that was connected to a patch bay that was connected to a port on my gigabit switch. In the new setup, the ultraRENDU is connected directly to a different port on the same switch using the same CAT6 cable. From my point of view, those network connections are functionally identical. Roon is running on a NUC/Rock server that is in a different room connected to the same model gigabit switch that is connected to the main switch by a fiber optic cable to 10Gb ports.

Are you implying that this problem is a networking issue?

The symptoms would suggest latency being introduced at some stage which can throw Roon.

Hello @rbienstock ,

If you upsample all content to the same sample rate via Roon’s DSP engine, does the issue still occur?

I’m having an issue with my server, so I can’t test this at the moment. But I think you are on to something. Here’s what I noticed when troubleshooting: if I reset everything and then send a file to the Sonica, it plays fine and any other file of the same resolution also plays fine. The Sonica’s display shows the correct resolution. But when I try to play a file with different resolution, the Sonica display (and, presumably, the DAC itself) never switches from the original resolution and you get silence. I suspect that if I did select the same resolution for everything, it would work correctly, but I can’t test right now.

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