Proem With Adding New Cuts to an Existing Playlist

**sonicTransporter i5/latest Roon build number

I have approximately 75 playlists I’ve created. They all appear and are accessible when I access them through the Roon app. But when I select one and try to add new cuts, only 3 of them show up as options I can choose. The others are nowhere to be found. I’m baffled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SonicTransporter >OpticalRendu >iFi Pro iDSD DAC

Jacob Ofman

Hi @Jacob_Ofman1,

Where are these playlists from? Were they created in Roon, or are they imported from somewhere else?

Only playlists created in Roon can be edited.

Thanks. I forgot that I created almost all of them in the Tidal app. When I tried to add a piece to one of the 3 playlists created in ROON, it worked just fine. Thank you for that important reminder.


You can copy the Tidal playlists to a local roon version and then add tracks to it that way. However, it doesn’t flow back into Tidal.

How do you copy a playlist from Tidal into Roon?


You can also browse for Tidal playlists in Roon by selecting Tidal from the main navigation sidebar. If you find a playlist that you like, select it, click the 3 dots icon and select Edit and Save A Local Copy.

From one of the knowledge base articles,and%20Save%20A%20Local%20Copy.

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Thank you!


The knowledge based is searchable via Google. That’s how I remind myself of where things are :slight_smile:

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