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I have not been able to load the system into my dell xps computer. Every time I try I get stuck in a loop asking for me to sign in then it won’t load and then ask me to sign in again then does not recognize my signin. It tells me my email does not exist. So It will not let me contact you as they say my email does not exist in your system. So I have tried to reset my email and it comes back invalid email.
I was able to get on here how I don’t know as it seems to understand here I have an account but it will still not let me load room anywhere.

Hi Michael,

Is there another computer that you had logged into? I looked at diagnostics and see that your core is importing files and online right now. Can you give me screenshots of what you’re seeing?


Hello Wes
My original issue resolved on its own. Starting this afternoon and into tonight Roon will load on my Dell XPS 9560 and immediately freezes all functions of my computer. Restarting does the same thing this has been going on now about 6 hours.
Help Tidal and Roon both freeze up and I can do nothing with my computer.
Love Roon so far and will get a dedicated core someday only if we can get to work on a consistent basis. I will cancel my free time left if we can not resolve this issue. I was set to sign for a year but only if I can use this anytime I wish to.

Hello Wes
Right after I posted my new issues it starting working again but for how long. Why refusing to work for 6 plus hours?

Hello Wes
It lasted less than 15 minutes and my computer has frozen up due to Roon.
What is wrong here this is crazy. Help and answers please.
Michael Irving

There has been an on-going problem with running Roon on a Windows 10 or 11 computer. Many of us have experienced screen lock-up’s and computer crashes, usually after minimizing Roon and then opening back up.

Roon has been working on this issue for months and will eventually resolve it. In the mean time, my “work-around” is to run Roon in a Window on my Windows 10 laptop and “NEVER” minimize it.

It locks up without minimizing it it just freezes while playing and everything freezes. The only way to get functionality to my computer I have to force shutdown as nothing works. If I reopen my computer and don’t load Roon then it is fine. Roon appears to be the cause.
Tyeh are actually charging customers for. System they have been trying to fix for months causing all kinds of issues for there clients.
Wow! Talk about customer service.
Michael Irving

Not all kinds of issues for “their” customers, just some screen lockups and a few crashes for some Windows 10 and 11 customers. It’s not about customer service, it’s about developers finding a solution to a technical issue running Roon on Windows. Sounds like it might be something different than what you are experiencing.

Hi Jim
Just very disappointed and discouraged I love the system when it works. But at this point I can not even run the program listening to music without complete freeze up. I have just started my free introduction prior to paying for a year and I can’t afford to shell out a year in advance for a program I can not use until they get around figuring out a fix on these issues.
Thanks for listening

I don’t think anyone would expect you to pay for Roon if it’s not working for you. It works for close to 300,000 customers, so something with your system needs to be resolved. That’s one reason for the free trial, so you can get any potential issues resolved.

@support should be along to help you figure it out, but they are very busy right now with some major new features just introduced, so it might be a few days.

By the way, Roon runs perfectly on my Dell XPS 15 7590 with 32gb RAM as long as I don’t minimize. Someone just posted a potential solution to that issue that I’m trying at the moment. It’s working so far with no issues. My normal Roon core is a Nucleus for the past 3+ years. It’s perfect.

What xps? There are loads, some are ancient, some are desperately under powered.

Hi @Michael_Irving,

I will be happy to help you with this. Can you please edit your initial post and provide all of the requested information? Once done, just drop a comment to let me know and I will be able to put together a more complete picture in order to assist you.


What specifications do you need?
Dell XPS 15 9560 12gb Ram Intel i77700hq
CPU @2.8 GHz 64 bit operating system
Windows 10 PRO OS build19045.2486

This is currently going on I can power on computer normally load Roon and then when it opens if it is cooperative i may get to play one or two songs then it freezes the entire computer and n othing works. Most of the time in the last two days i can not do anything after loading Roon as the computer locks up.
The only thing i can do is hard close the computer by holding down the power button as that is the only responsive key.
That is where i am at no able to use the computer if Roon is opened.
Anyother required iinformstion please ask.
Michael Irving

Hi @Michael_Irving,

The template in your initial post contains all of the information we need to make determinations and take action. I do thank you for providing your system information! I’m just going to give you all possible things to consider and hope we avoid unnecessary back and forth.

A few things. We have seen some crashing happen when there are two factors involved:

  1. Video drivers are out of date (sometimes others too). The best way to address this is to use the Dell Support Assist Tool and update all of your drivers.

  2. When another monitor is being used, the video driver issues cited above can really complicate things. If you’re using an external monitor please try Roon without it for troubleshooting purposes.

I see an indication that something isn’t right with how Roon is logging your video setup and have a suggestion. Please update your drivers as indicated above before doing this. You will need to be sure you’re able to see hidden files and folders for this.

View hidden files and folders in Windows

Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

Navigate to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Roon\Database\Registry\Client and rename the file called saved_window_pos to saved_window_pos_old and then re-launch Roon.

To help things along, I’ve sent a request to your core for diagnostics logging, and should receive that information when you’re done with these steps.

Give me a chance to get this working and I will see what I can do to extend your trial for the length of time you’ve experienced issues.


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