Project Pre Box S2 Digital - DSD upsampling reversing channels

I had to check I wasn’t fooling myself on this, but no.

I’ve just got hold of a Project Pre Box S2 Digital that handles up to 256 DSD, so I set the upsampling to 128 DSD (my ageing server can’t quite make it to 256).

It’s reversing the channels

E.g. Marta Gomez Lucia - the backing guitarist switches to the left. Ditto the ‘ting’ early in Oleta Adams’ Get Here. To check I switched upsampling off. Both are on the right again. I then switched on PCM upsampling and they stayed on the right. So it’s only on DSD

Any thoughts? I’ve looked through every setting I can think of on the S2 and in Roon. Probably something obvious, if so I’ll hold my hands up :flushed:

This is a known bug in early firmware releases for the Pre Box S2. I’d bet your S2 came with V2.10 installed.

It was fixed in the current firmware (V2.12). You can download the firmware updater here on Pro-Ject’s website.



Many thanks. I am indeed on an older version so I’ll update it.



Took me a while to get round to it but yes, all sorted. Thanks


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