Project Stream Box S2 Ultra

(Tim Chapman) #61

Yup - showing up on my Roon system as ready :slight_smile:

(Rob) #62

I currently have Roon Core running on a powerful desktop PC with an SSD attached with all my music files. In another room I have a laptop running Roon. This laptop connects directly to a DAC via USB and streams music from the SSD over WiFi.

If I do “something else” on the laptop, like web browsing, the music will stutter for a brief second.

If I connect the Project Stream Box S2 Ultra to my DAC (instead of the laptop connecting to the DAC), will I still be able to control Roon from the laptop, but direct Roon to output from the S2 Ultra (and onto the DAC)?

(Rob) #63

I “think” I would see the S2 as a networked device from the laptop? Through the Settings | Audio I should be able to select/enable the S2?

(Tim Chapman) #64

So I have Rock running on a Zotac Mini PC networked to the Stream Box. I can control Roon on any machine I like.
For your setup, the path will be Desktop PC…ethernet…Stream Box…DAC. You can continue to control this setup via your laptop which does not need to be attached to the DAC anymore.
You will see the Stream Box under ‘Roon Ready’ devices. You will then see your dac when you click on the setup cog for the Stream Box ie the stream box is the Bridge Device and your DAC is the Audio Device.
I tend to just use my iPhone these days for controlling all of my ROON endpoints.
Hope this helps.

(Rob) #65

Excellent. My main reason for doing this is to relieve the laptop of music streaming responsibilities, so the laptop can just focus on work, browsing, etc. But, as I’m already using the laptop, it would be nice to also be able to control Roon from it - which you have confirmed.

I already use my iPhone to also control Roon on my two music systems. It’s very convenient.

(Tim Chapman) #66

You’ll be able to control all aspects of Roon from your laptop but, as you say, the laptop will not be part of the audio chain anymore.

(Gerald Richardson) #67

I got my Stream Box in the mail today (4/6/2019). I had to fool around with it, update to the latest software, factory reset, then update again before Roon would recognize it as a Roon Ready device on the network. I’ve got it working now and am putting it through its paces.

(Artferg20) #68

I’ve been using one for 4 months now. Extremely happy with its sound.
How are you it so far?

(Gerald Richardson) #69

The sound is very good. I replaced Allo USBridge and am using the Stream Box with the Set Box S2 Digital DAC. The Allo has been repurposed to my old reliable Wyred4Sound DAC-2. Everything sounds great, but a bit different. I am playing from Roon, USB flash drive and Tidal and Qobuz directly from Stream box. I will be at these comparisons for days, weeks, months.

(Gerald Richardson) #70

Just wanted to let you know that after a week of usage, I prefer the Stream Box S2 Ultra with Roon at the source, over direct streaming from Tidal, Qobuz, or attached USB drive.There just seems to be more presence and detail.

(Artferg20) #71

Glad you’re enjoying it. Great little product!

My findings are the opposite, I actually prefer the with my USB drive plumbed directly into Sream box using the Project app. Either way it’s still sounds brill!