Projector and screen advice


Thinking of buying a projector and looking for some advice. Want to position at the end of the kitchen in a space measuring 13ft x 10ft, photo attached. It’s 13ft from poster wall to back of sofa. Was looking to get a pull up projector that I could place on the poster wall. Questions are
With such a small space what type of projector would you recommend. Do I have to go with UST?
What projectors are out there that are not permanent fixtures, eg pull up that I can hide away when not in use, and good quality.

Max budget is about 4K.

Any advice, bar use a different room, appreciated.


Not sure at that price, but if you want a good picture you will need blackout blinds. Light has a massive impact on a projector picture.

I went for an ultra-short-throw projector for one of my bedrooms, which is smaller than your space. I think that’s the most flexible option, regardless of the room size, as it doesn’t require ceiling installation or running extra wires, just a cabinet. Your cabinet is quite narrow, but you may be able to get a 90" image or larger, if you can pull it a bit farther from the wall. Assuming your budget is 4K dollars or pounds (not resolution :wink: ), you have a few good options. Keep in mind that you set aside some money for a screen. A few things to consider when you shop for the projector:

  • Technology: DLP, LCD etc.
  • Native resolution: is it 4K native, or does it use pixel shift etc.
  • Noise: these things have fans, and some (e.g. DLP) have spinning color wheels.
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Yes, the current short throw projectors are impressive. But, the tech is also rapidly growing which is why I’m waiting a bit before jumping in.

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If you need something now, don’t wait. Live in the moment.

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I don’t need it now, it is a cool nice to have. :smiley:

The cabinet is 7ft but I’m not looking for a massive screen. It’s something primarily for the kids to watch movies so quality isn’t massively important.

What projector did you go with?

Also I read UST need special screens. Was that the case for you.

There are UST Laser projectors that are very good. Your price point will be tight but it will be at least 100" screen.

The new screen technology today allows for a brightly lit room with lights and windows. Even though they look good during daylight, they really look awesome at night.

Your price point will be with you installing it.

Take a hard look at Laser vs DLP. Some folks have issues with DLP.

I have a Epson LS500. Epson also has a LS300 with Yamaha speakers for less.


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For this I would not worry about light too much. I have a professionally calibrated permanently installed set up.

Thanks for that. Will have a look. I was also recommended the Optoma CinemaX P2 but that was from an agent so no idea as to the integrity of that recommendation.

Any suggestions or recommendations on screens. I have a great big poster there that I love so not takin that down. Needs to be easily enough packed away whether that be manual or automated.

I’m going to throw a curveball and see whether I could avoid UST and get a projector for behind the couch. Get a stand for it. If one of the kids walks in front and casts a shadow that’s most unfortunate for their viewing pleasure but if it saves me money I’m delighted. Thoughts?

UST projectors need a minimum distance from the wall, which translates to a minimum screen size. Make sure that works for you.

As far as I know, they don’t need special screens [anymore], but some may work better than others. One thing of concern is the thickness of the borders, as it may cast shadows. I went with this:

That would depend on which projector you end up settling with.

While there are many types and simularies, on one side is a UST specific and if you go with the traditional projector, then that is a different type.

A UST projector will broadcast light from the bottom up and that requires a different type screen from your traditional projector.

You can use a traditional screen on a UST projector, but it can easily have wash outs.

A UST screen will not work on a standard projector.


If you purchase a projector to fit behind the couch then you need to approach this from 2 different ways.

One is to measure the distance from where the projector will be placed with regard to the distance of the display wall. That distance will determine the screen size.

This is referred to as the Throw Distance. This link can help you calculate - Projector Calculator | Projector Screen Calculator | Aspect Ratio Calculator | Screen Size Calculator | Distance Calculator - Projector Screen | Projection Screen

Second, once setup, if the screen size is either bigger or smaller at this setup, then you will need a projector that can zoom in and also zoom out to correctly fit into your desired screen size.

Not all projectors have the ability to zoom in and out especially if you are shopping price. If the projector Does Not have a built in zoom feature then you will have to manually move the projector closer or farther for the desired screen size.

Determining the Throw Distance with assist you in getting the correct projector for your area with or without a built in zoom feature…