PS audio directstream dac connection

I have a PS audio direct stream DAC with bridge 2. The dac is not recognized by Roon as a core. I want to stream Qobuz directly to the DAC. Is that possible or do I still have to go through a PC. That is what I want to avoid because I have to reboot my PC when I want to listen to music.

Thanks, Kevin

I don’t think the DirectStream DAC will work as Roon Core. As an endpoint = output, yes - but not as a Core. See for instance here:

In order for the DAC to act as a Core it would have to have the ability to have storage for a place to house the Core. The PS Audio DAC does not.

Hi @kevin_claffey,

As suggested above, Roon requires a Core machine. The PS Audio DAC can not be a Core machine. We have more information about Cores here.

I definitely recommend checking out the rest of our Roon User Guide as well if you haven’t already. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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