PS Audio Directstream DAC problem

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC N10i7, ROON ROCK Optimized Core kit, build 227

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

TP-LINK Deco, with 8 way switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

PS-Audio Directstream DAC

Description Of Issue

During playback music, the DAC suddenly lost connection and couldn’t see the DAC any more. Tried to restart the NUC and sometime it found it again. But it can lost anytime.

Hello @Frederick_Fu, and welcome to the community! Is this a managed switch you’re using? Also, is the DAC connected to the switch or to the router? I’d try connecting it directly to the router or core and see if the issue still occurs.

I essentially have the same issue with my auralic g2 streaming to my ps audio direct stream jr. This happens after updating ps audio firmware. Bummer…

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I managed to improve the situation by changing the ethernet cable to a newer version, CAT 7. The last one was 15 years ago cable which may caused some of the problem. However, last night I still have the problem of losing the controller when I was switching between the bridge II and CD inputs on my DAC.

The switch is TP-Link LS108G. Both the NUC and DAC are connected to this unmanaged switch.

Yesterday the problem happened again. I need to power on reset the PS Audio again and again. Is there any special requirements for the switch. I am using an unmanaged switch from TP-Link LiteWave LS108G.

Hello @Frederick_Fu, and thanks for the info! Could you please reproduce the issue one more time and reply here with a timestamp (in your local time) and the track you were trying to play so I can enable diagnostics for your account?

@nuwriy, I reset all the devices including the TP-LINK switch. The problem improve a lot. I only has one lost connection problem over the weekend. I’m new to roon and I have no ideas on how to get the time stamp.

Hello @Frederick_Fu, by timestamp, I mean the time on your clock when you notice the issue. So nothing special needed to provide the timestamp, the time your phone or watch says will do just fine! Please also remember to include the track name that was playing at the time as this makes sorting through the diagnostics easier for us.

Hi…I don’t have the foggiest idea whether this can be heplful to you since my DSD DAC is a redesigned variant. My touchscreen is from 2009. Furthermore, I demand another screen. Since I recieved it I attempted to change the screen and happen something very similar.
My screen has a spring in its rear and an incompatibily size. So I make a mod and fixed the screen. It began to freeze as well. So I leave the screen free and the issue disapear.

My point. Attempt to open the DAC and eliminate the screen where its put, I realize it’s not make sure about to turn on with it open, yet I tried like thant and the DACs work in the typical manner. I shut the DAC and nevermore gets this issues.

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