PS Audio DirectStream Jr Wakeup

Roon Rock Core streaming to DirectStream Jr through hard wired network. Router is Linksys Velop hard wired from Rock to DSJr. Roon software Version 1.6 (build 416) stable.

PS Audio recommends keeping DS Jr. in standby mode when not in use. Shtiing off power requires 3 hour warmup. In standby mode with DS Jr source set away from Bridge, Roon still keeps pinging the DS Jr until it wakes up from standby. Is there any way to stop the pinging so the DS Jr will stay in standby mode?

Hi @George_Simon,

Roon should work the same with with all of our partner devices and this isn’t an issue I’ve heard come up before. Have you reached out to PS Audio about this issue as well? Did they have any feedback on what the issue may be here?

Thanks for responding, I did contact PS Audio and here was their response:

"That is actually a feature of Roon, where they ping the unit, to a point where it sends a wake command. This is something we are working with Roon on to correct and/or make it optional to autowake.”

If the DAC was actually powered off, this wouldn’t happen. But PS Audio wants the DAC powered on in sleep mode. So even if the DAC’s source is directed to another input (i.e. not the network bridge) the unit wakes up after awhile. If there was a way of turning off the ping, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Hello @George_Simon,

Roon uses standard multicast networking to discover endpoints on the network in real time. This functionality is vital to the function of Roon and cannot be disabled.

There is nothing about the referenced “ping” that should cause a device in standby to wake up. As far as I am aware, the PS Audio DirectStream Jr is the only device amongst 100+ Roon Ready devices that will wake itself from standby without any user action.

The issue regarding the PS Audio DirectStream Jr waking during normal network standby will have to be resolved by the manufacturer. In the meantime, the only solution I can recommend to resolve this behavior is to exit Roon when you are done using it.


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