PS Audio DirectStream Support


PS Audio Directstream connected and seen by network scanners but unseen by Roon, is there a vital step I have missed?



I also PM’d @brian, and the answer was:

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Roon now streaming beautifully on a Roon Remote pc via USB to the PS Audio Directstream dac, sounds very good, now need to relax and listen, only issue was when I tried to stream with the remote connected wirelessly audio stalled and stuttered, turned off wireless and connected a lan cable and all was good.


I have just purchased a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC and am currently using the USB connection.
Do you have an expected release date for the RoonSpeakers for the DAC?
Many thanks

Our plan is to deliver RoonSpeakers code to the manufacturers on September 1st. When they wrap up an implementation and release a new firmware is up to them.

PS Audio is in the first batch that we will assist, so I can’t imagine it’d be too long. However, I can not speak for PS Audio.

as owner of PSA DS DAC with bridge2 I am waiting for RoonSpeakers for the bridge i have tried few other options to get Roon streaming via the DAC:

  • Aries with latest firmware 3.0 and RAAT support connected via USB to DS DAC
  • Aries again connected via USB to DS DAC, but using AirPlay
  • Cubox I-PRO with HQP NAA (with trial version of HPQ running on my OSX where I also run the roon

I still have to listen a bit more to the latest setup with NAA, but I would say the first two are inferior SQ wise to the bridge2, with AirPlay being the worst choice (even with Aries fw 3.0). HQP setup sound quite different but i did not fully grasp it yet to say where it stays.