PS Audio Perfectwave mkII plus bridge Roon Ready Certified or not?

Just as the title says, trying to find the definitive answer to whether the Perfectwave mkII dac with bridge is still fully Roon Ready and Certified.
I am probably missing this basic stuff but I just cannot see one good complete definitive answer to this question on the net .
Thanks in advance!

I am not familiar with the PS Audio line. I checked their webside and it doesn’t mention a mkII version of that model that I saw, but in any event it looks to me like it is:

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The perfectwave is a slightly older model, 2015/6 .
Have chance to buy one at a very fair price but if not STILL Roon Certified then not much use.
Have read of many devices being purged from Roon Certified status of late with owners finding a big red X through the device in their settings.
This is the reason for the query to find it’s PRESENT status.

Ok, I couldn’t see any distinction on the PSA website. They certainly say that the current version with the bridge is Roon Ready, but understand why that may not be enough for a purchase decision. Hopefully someone else on the forum can be more definitive.

At the end of the day all Roon certified means is that when Roon detects your DAC it sets the proper parameters in device settings. My DAC is not “Roon Cerified” and yet I still enjoy Roon each and every day. I set the proper parameters myself and never looked back. I am just saying…

Thanks gkern!
I am sure someone will know for definite.

If it’s Bridge2 , then it’s roon ready.

Original Bridge (1) supported only upnp.

Just sent that question to seller as his ad just states Perfectwave mk11 with Bridge.

Bridge ii was on a DSjr I used to own. James H (@jamesh) at PS Audio would know for sure.

I think @maniac is correct in his assessment.

Hi John, this topic is about Roon Ready Certification (for network connected DACs) I believe you are thinking about Roon Tested (for USB DACs). Quite different subjects.

Seller informed me that it is a Bridge 1 in the Perfectwave.
As my current streamer ( Sonore Ultrarendu) is working with Roon flawlessly I am not prepared to take a chance on upsetting that situation.
Even though I would like to go with a combo streamer/ DAC.
Will probably look more closely at Lumin D2.
Thanks to all the thoughtful replies.

This topic was asking the question about a particular PS Audio DAC that the OP was thinking about buying. All I was doing was pointing out that Roon Certified is not the be all or end all thing at the end of the day. If I misread the topic please forgive me.

Hi @John_Aiello,

It is if one buys an uncertified “Roon Ready” device as it will no longer work with Roon, which is what I believe the OP is concerned about.

There’s a lot of confusion between Roon Ready Certification and Roon Tested … and I’d not like people to be caught out.

You are absolutely correct Carl.
That was my prime and basically only concern and I think I have my answer with it being Bridge v1.

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I have the PS Audio DirectStream Jr with built-in Bridge II. I’ve been using it for 2 years now with Roon and have not had a single problem. Work like a charm together.

Good to hear but I have already ascertained the unit I was looking at has a Bridge 1 in it so no go this time around.
Keep on searching is my task now.

You could always upgrade the PerfectWave DAC… with a new brigde card

I had a PerfectWave mkII Dac with the Bridge1 card but not roon at the time. I used a Blueaudio streamer with Tidal. It was often a fiddle tying it up altogether so I upgraded to Bridge2 and it was much better. I then tried Roon and loved it to the point I no longer needed the Bluesound streamer at all so sold it.
I have subsequently upgraded the DAC to the Directstream with Bridge2 combo which is brilliant with Roon. I have swapped from Tidal to Qobuz because it’s cheaper in the UK and still integrates well with Roon.

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