UltraRendu is step up from PS Audio Bridge ii

Your Ultrarendu is step up from Bridge ii.

You think so?
Interesting indeed.

Absolutely. I think a microrendu outperforms Bridge ii. A/B them on the Perfect Wave DAC. If you want to use your. Ultrarendu with i2s, purchase an adapter such as Sonore Ultradigital. You see them floating around used for around $200. Matrix also makes a converter.

My present dac( Metrum Onyx) does not have i2s input so USB is it.
Using an Audioquest Carbon cable but looking at getting an Audioquest Diamond to test.

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I’m actually looking at the AQ Coffee USB…Diamond is a bit more than I would want to spend…I currently use Cardas Clear Serial USB (the less expensive one) and a couple of iFi Mercury USB cables for my rigs.

I have a short AQ Carbon USB cable to attach a SSD to my Bryston streamer/music transport.

I just bought a used Diamond for a lot less than new so we will see what difference that brings compared to the Carbon.

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I’d be interested in your thoughts on upgraded cable’s performance…

I will message you when I have it and have given it a thorough test in the rig.

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My bad for not getting round to updating this.

The AQ Diamond USB cable was money very well spent indeed.
A vast step up from the AQ Carbon in every aspect.
I really do not get people who seem to think cables make no big difference?

Much more air and depth to the proceedings, the stage is spread out more realistically in front of me now.
Cannot honestly say it made much difference to bass but details seem clearer and more defined.
Altogether for what I paid lightly used I am very happy.

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Thanks for posting…Happy New Year.

I stayed with the same cables but added an iFi igalvanic USB device, and reinstalled my Schiit Wyrd, and Uptone Regen on the other USB connections.

The Metrum went bye bye a while back and it was replaced with a Chord Qutest…woah!

What a sweet combo the ultrarendu and the Qutest make indeed!
Still connected with the AQ Diamond USB cable.

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