UltraRendu is step up from PS Audio Bridge ii

Your Ultrarendu is step up from Bridge ii.

You think so?
Interesting indeed.

Absolutely. I think a microrendu outperforms Bridge ii. A/B them on the Perfect Wave DAC. If you want to use your. Ultrarendu with i2s, purchase an adapter such as Sonore Ultradigital. You see them floating around used for around $200. Matrix also makes a converter.

My present dac( Metrum Onyx) does not have i2s input so USB is it.
Using an Audioquest Carbon cable but looking at getting an Audioquest Diamond to test.

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I’m actually looking at the AQ Coffee USB…Diamond is a bit more than I would want to spend…I currently use Cardas Clear Serial USB (the less expensive one) and a couple of iFi Mercury USB cables for my rigs.

I have a short AQ Carbon USB cable to attach a SSD to my Bryston streamer/music transport.

I just bought a used Diamond for a lot less than new so we will see what difference that brings compared to the Carbon.

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I’d be interested in your thoughts on upgraded cable’s performance…

I will message you when I have it and have given it a thorough test in the rig.

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