PS Audio Stellar Strata and Roon


After my issues with connecting my Anthem 1120 to Roon, I have same issue with my new device: the Strate from PS Audio…

Any idea how to overcome this miss connected between the two?

I mean Roon software is so expensive for not being able to connect with so many devices out there.

How are you trying to connect? USB? Network? Being new we need more information.

I think you’ve got it the wrong way around, as PS audio know all about roon why didn’t they make a compatible product.


PS Audio developing its own music delivery system might have a lot to do with that. They took the same stance on the Stellar Gain Cell DAC.


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I just bought a USB A to USB B and connect it between my iMac which is my Core of Roon in to the PS Strata and Roon found it, recognize it and even play it very musically thru my Strata…

I hope that solve the problem !! Cross fingers!

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yep, Roon is finding the mac (which is acting as the endpoint), and the mac is using the Strata as the DAC.

Unless I’m not smelling what you’re cooking!

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That’s it in one. You can’t use the Strata as a Roon endpoint over ethernet, but you can as a local DAC connected to a Roon core.

I struggle to understand why PS Audio won’t play ball with RAAT on these new products. Since moving to Roon it has opened up a world of collaborative technology rather than the vendor locking I had under Sonos.

Mixing and matching endpoints from BlueSound, MSB, Lumin and even Raspberry Pis for unique purposes gives a fantastic ecosystem to play with.

The cult of PS Audio is strong but the flexibility that RAAT brings is more important to me than proprietary lockin.

Many thanks Craig
As you suggest I realize that my strata can be used only with a direct Purist Audio UBS which let me use the strata as DAC… The result is outstanding ! I drill a whole in between the Strata and my IMac .
Maybe one day PS Audio will connect with Roon so it will be also playable on the air. So far I am very pleased with the sound coming from the Excellet Strata thru my Roon.
Thanks again for the help…

I realize this is a bit late to the thread, but I use a PS Audio Stellar Strata integrated with a Roon Nucleus connected via USB cable and the sound is beautiful. If you dig into the PS Audio technology, they have a process called “Digital Lens” ( that is used in PS Audio amps to rebuild the USB signal before passing it to the DAC. Noise from the source (mac, nucleus, etc) is not an issue. I bought a Sonore ultreRendu to clean up the USB signal, but my 60-year old ears could not hear any difference regardless of what I played through it. I returned the Sonore product - I’m sure it’s fantastic, but PS Audio already does it. So, I use a Roon nucleus because it’s easy to maintain, and Roon sees a generic “PS Audio DAC” and I couldn’t be happier with the sound… Every day…

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