Qnap 2.0 Production version ETA

Roon Core Machine : Qnap TS-877, AMD Ryzen 7 (48gb RAM)

Version : 2.0 (build 1179) earlyaccess
QPKG-Version : 2022-11-17

Okay - So I had started an earlier related thread but never received an actual answer to my question.

Any idea of an ETA on an actual 2.0 production version for Qnap?

I would like to update my other devices to the production version but can’t at this point because there is not a production version (only the early release is available) for Qnap.

Appreciate any details regarding this query.

The RoonServer QPKG is not the same as the Roon Server software which is not included in the package (QNAP App).

Install the RoonServer QPKG from the App Center to use the Roon Server production branch or use the respective installers from RoonOnNAS.org to use the earlyaccess or the 1.8_legacy branch. It doesn’t matter that the production version from the App Center is the oldest one.


Was always available since the release of Roon 2.0 (and even before).

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