[QNAP/BUG] Delete does not delete to Recycle Bin

When you delete from Roon it deletes directly and deleted files will not be recoverable from QNAP’s Recycle Bin.

Thats clear in the warning, an alternative could be a feature request.

Seems to be unrelated to Roon:

Note that this feature only supports file deletion via Samba, AFP, FTP, and QNAP File Station.

From your description I assume that you run the Roon Core on the NAS and your music files reside on the NAS too. So the prerequisite for QNAP’s Network Recycle Bin, to delete files over the network using one of the supported protocols is not met.

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Thank you for this info.

Depending on how you setup your NAS you may be able to activate and use the Snapshot feature to quickly recover accidentally deleted data. But this is no replacement for a proper backup of important data.

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