QNAP HS251 runs out of memory after subscribing to Tidal & Qobuz playing High Res files


I would like your advice.

After subscribing to Tidal & Qobuz my dedicated QNAP HS251+ sometimes runs out of memory when playing MQA (playlists).

In some cases the connection with my Meridian MS600 gets lost. If I monitor the NAS there is more than enough processor power but memory is overused.

The QNAP has a Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core 2.0 GHz processor (burst up to 2.42 GHz) and 2 GB DDR3L (not upgradable).

I was wondering if anyone else shares this experience when using High Res files?

Will it make a difference if I were to use a MQA able DAC?

I think I’ll have to upgrade the Roon server.

Will the base Nucleus be enough as it has only 2 GB more memory as the QNAP?


That cpu is way underpowered to run roon and 2mb of memory is too low as well. You need a new core.
You don’t necessarily need to buy a nucleus but something else for sure.
The chart below compare the celeron Vs a V8 nuc i3, the key measure is single processor speed the i3 is 269 percent faster.

Hi Ged,

I know the CPU is underpowered, but when the hiccup occurs the processor is about 65 % memory on the other hand goes beyond 96%.

The NAS starts swapping and things freeze.

When I look at the Roon Nucleus, it has the i3 which is a lot more powerful.

Memory is 4 GB which is double the memory I have in the QNAP.

I’m in doubt this may still not be enough.

The QNAP served me well for several years, no drop outs.

Problems started when I subscribed to Tidal and Qobuz.

I believe the high res files require a larger buffer in storage.

When replacing the QNAP I want to make sure not to run into the same problem.

I could go for the Nucleus +; but there is the huge difference in price.


The two are not comparable. The Nas OS is multipurpose and you are running it and roon server and doing other things. The nucleus has a cut down os and is just doing roon.
Your Nas is running out of memory as it has way too low an amount to do all the multitasking you are asking of it so it is swapping fast memory out to glacial disk.
The nucleus is sized to run libraries of 100k plus tracks.
What size is your library?

You could go the DIY route and build a NUC/Rock. I have a NUC8I7BEH with 16GB ram, m.2 Samsung drive for OS/DB and a Samsung SATA drive for my library. Picked the components I was comfortable with. Cost was around 800.00 including an external drive for backups.

Also have Tidal and Qobuz.

Hi @Dirk_Thys,

Ged is definitely right here — Your Core is well below our requirements and that is likely leading to what you’re seeing here.

When considering a Nucleus vs Nucleus+, the main thing to consider is library size. If you are below 100K tracks and you’re not doing heavy multiroom DSP, the Nucleus should do it for you. If you have a larger library the Nucleus+ would be the better option for you.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies.

The Nas is dedicated to music, all but the necessary processes are down.

My library is 31 K tracks.

It ran smoothly on the Qnap.

Only after activating Tidal and Qobuz problems started to appear.

Only with tracks from these providers, and not all the times.




The QNAP OS and Roon need to buffer incoming tracks uncompressed to ensure they can be streamed out to the endpoint at the right rate. A typical hi-res track can need as much as .5GB. Given the memory pressure on your system, the only thing the QNAP OS can do to fit such a track is to page out code or data to slow secondary memory, which makes the whole system so sluggish that it becomes unable to stream tracks successfully.

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Hi @Dirk_Thys,

If you go to Settings > Services and lower streaming quality to the lowest setting for TIDAL / Qobuz do things perform better at the lower quality?

Thanks Dylan,
I tried these settings, but still the Qnap stopped playing music (Tidal) from time to time.
After a reboot of the Nas I unsubscribed from Tidal and Qubuz.
Everything went back to normal, so only playing from my own Roon library.
Then I activated Tidal again (not Qobuz). This worked fine for some time (also with MQA files), but then the same problem emerged again.
Yesterday I installed a brand New Nucleus (Not the Plus), and activated only Tidal.
This gave no problems, except for once (Up until now).
I was listening, and at the same time deleting quite a few number of songs from (the active) playlist.
Roon stopped playing !
So now I’m concerned, the Nucleus may run out of steam soon?
A second result from using the Nucleus : I loose the Virtual switch in the Qnap.
I now have a d-link switch active to connect both the Meridian MS600 and the Nucleus.
What do you think?


Hi @Dirk_Thys,

Have you experienced any stoppages outside of that one time? Have things been running smoothly since? It is hard to say just yet what might have happened, but if you experience it again let me know what time and what track was playing and we can take a closer look!

I have a dedicated QNAP NAS, a TVS-672XT, for my Roon Core, library, Qobuz and Tidal (both set for Hi-Res/MQA). My library is small, it is only 15,000 tracks. Just out of curiosity for this post, I checked my NAS while using Roon/Qobuz/Tidal. The resource monitor showed the Roon services using a total of 2.7 GB and it went even higher when I started searching music and information while playing music.

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