QNAP into MSB via USB: MQA files drop

QNAP core into MSB Pro USB interface (which converts USB to fiber and connects to the MSB Select II DAC): after one of the Roon updates (about six months ago), Tidal MQA files stopped playing. They drop immediately. Yet they work fine when I switch to a MacBook as core. This is therefore an issue with the QNAP Roon Core software?

Hello @Mihalis,

If you set the “MQA Capabilities” to “No MQA Support” in the Device Setup screen for the MSB zone, do you still experience this issue?

When you say that it works fine when you use the MacBook as the Roon Core, does that mean that you still have the MSB DAC connected to the QNAP via USB?


Hi John,
good question: yes even with NO MQA SUPPORT a TIDAL MQA file doesn’t play. In fact what happens under both cases is that the name of the track and thumbnail on the bottom “bar” disappears and then reappears again without it having started.

With MacBook, I connect the MacBook via USB and simply play an MQA file via Tidal-Roon. The QNAP isn’t involved.


BTW I have spoken to MSB’s designer and owner extensively and he is confident it has nothing to do with their hardware as the USB interface is agnostic as to what is feeding it. It just looks for MQA packets. Anyway the MacBook test confirms that.

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