Qnap Nas Backups always corrupt

QNap Nas Server TS-453 Pro

Hello All,

I have the following problem:
the backup of Roon runs automatically every other night. Often the backup breaks at night and I get an error message when starting Roon that the backup must be restored. Then I notice that the last backups all don’t work. Only some backup many days back can be restored. Sometimes nothing works and the only thing that helps is the update installation of Roon directly on the NAS. I have also replaced the Roon hard drive with an SSD. After that didn’t help I swapped the data disks for SSD. I also completely redid the database without restoring a backup. The problem keeps recurring and I’m really annoyed and don’t feel like dealing with such a buggy product anymore.
It must be possible that Roon runs error free for 1 or 2 weeks, isn’t it?
I manage with Roon 1442 albums and 7710 Tietl. Is that too much?

I hope someone can help me.

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This sounds to me like …

…, which has nothing to do with (potentially) failing backups. Troubleshooting steps are provided in the document above.
It’s not Roon’s fault to refuse to work with a corrupted database. At work I dealt with professional software with license costs in the 6-figurte range that showed the same behavior.

From your description though, it looks like your Roon installation is also backing up a corrupted database or creating a corrupted database backup? This shouldn’t be possible with current and supported versions of Roon. What version (build number) of Roon is your NAS running?

Hi BlackJack,

Thank you for you answer.
I‘m Unding Roon on Anas 2.0 (1303). Ist is the newest Version, But i have this Problem since i use Roon. First all drives on the Nas were Hdds. Than i changed the Drive with the Roon database to ssd. Same Problem, than i changed the drives, where the Music is located to ssd. Same Problem. Than i changed the RAM-Module in the Nas. Same Problem.
I have no more Ideas.

Hi @Marco_Schmidt ,

Can you please use these instructions to manually access your QNAP logs and upload a set to the following link, and let us know once uploaded? Thanks!


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