QNAP NAS doesn't show library

Hello. I have a Qnap NAS. I already installed Roon, I downloaded the app on my Mac. I already gave it the path to the folder where the music is, but nothing appears. In Plex if everything appears.

Under storage try to use local host


Thank you very much for your answer. I am attaching a picture of what I am doing. I haven’t been able to get it to work.

I recommend using the IP of your QNAP device. if you aren’t connecting to the localhost is wrong.

No that is not the case.

I am confused.

His Roon app is on a mac
His roon storage is a QNAP.

if he uses on either machine, they will never communicate with one another.

The IP of the QNAP needs to be used on the Mac.

If I am not understanding then my apologies.

The Roon Core is in the QNAP NAS and is running. The problem is when I want to add the folder where the music is. I select it, but nothing happens.

Already done that. I haven’t been able to get it to work.

I am not an MAC expert - I now it works just fine under windows with my QNAP.

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No worries. I know how I’d tackle it. I know we all do things differently. I learn more by listening to others than by talking and I already talk too much.

I appreciate you helping out.

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@Jairo_Duque - Is your core (Roon - NAS) in the same folder as your music files? If that is the case please change that: “Public” for the Roon Core and “Mulitmedia” for your music files. Having both in same directory can cause problems.