QNAP not adding all music to library

I’m running Roon on a QNAP TS-453 Pro with 8Gb of memory. I’m using an organized folder mapped to a local share (/share/Multimedia/Audio/Popular), and have verified the permissions of the folder which isn’t being added (the folder name not being added is “Phil Collins”, and the permissions are “777” like all the others). I’ve re-scanned the folder, and even moved the folder to a different location in the file structure (/share/Multimedia/Popular/P/Phil Collins) to see if the “organized folder process” would then move it back in what it considered to be the proper place (/share/Multimeda/Popular/Phil Collins), but it did not move it back.

I can navigate to the folder using QNAP’s “File Station” application, and the music plays just fine. I can also navigate to the QNAP share using Windows File Explorer, and again, the music plays just fine. The file formats are a combination of MP3 and FLAC.

Please advise.

Update: Thanks to those who suggested using watched folders instead of organized folders, and to reboot. Once I did that, all my folders started showing up. Thanks again!

Can’t really help only to using organised folders is not recommended I believe and is unavailable in Roon 1.3


You could try stopping and restarting Roon Server. However the advice from @Chrislayeruk is solid re the use of Organised folders.

Changing to watched folders along with rebooting seems to have fixed the issue–thanks!

Rebooting the server after changing to “watched folders” seems to have fixed the issue–thanks!