QNAP TS-253A - Roon won't work

I’ve installed Roon on a iMac and a QNAP NAS. The music library is on the QNAP NAS type TS-253A.

When starting Roon, the software asks which core to use. When the iMac is chosen, the connection is there instantly but when the NAS is selected the Roon logo keeps dancing. The software doesn’t start up.

In the preferences it showes that there is a connection with the NAS but it drops every once in a while.
I’ve been trying to solve this all day without any success.

If you check the applications folder on the QNAP, is Roon running? Also I seem to remember that the directions for moving the core to a NAS required you to rename the original core on the iMac so that Roon would not get confused. Then the iMac would become a remote instead of a core machine. Tricky but it works.

Is there a pssibillity to log in my system with teamviewer?

I’ve renamed the Imac and Roon is running on the NAS

I am not support. Just a guy trying to help. So no I can’t log in with team viewer. When I converted my core to a NAS I had to restart the old core machine in order to migrate it from a core to a remote. The iMac still thinks it’s the core so it now can’t find the new core (I think). At least this is the way it worked for me. Have you reviewed all of the excellent tutorials here on the site for how to make this move happen? I thought I was following all of the directions but like any guy I skipped a step or two along the way and it tripped me up.

Hello @Fred_Wieringa,
I’m sorry to say, but the QNAP TS-253A is just not powerful enough to run Roon. Look at the minimum requirements faq.

That may not be true. Roon will run but not well or fast. Be careful in making this statements about Roon not running. Roon will run but you might not like the end result. The problem the OP is having is not related to power. It’s a config issue that he can resolve if he gets help.

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