QNAP TS-364 roon-db on NVME - exception thrown


I got a new NAS, a QNAP TS-364.
With faster CPU Intel® Celeron® N5105/N5095 4-core/4-thread processor and 2 NVMW slots.
Much faster than my old TS-451. With 2.5Gbit Ethernet it really helps to speed up backups for PCs.
With less CPU load.

I tested to get rid of my separate Intel NUC roon-music-server and installed the roon Server APP.
roon-DB on a NVME partition and second NVME used as Cache for the music partition.

But I can’t get it up and running for my music files. I can listen to radio and Tidal so far without any problems. So the roon server is up and running.

I did backup the Database from old NUC and import it to the new place on the NVME partition.
I allowed for test everyone to access the music files.
I can browse in the roon app into the folder and select subfolders or a folder for one CD.

But my music does not play.

The Roon app reads the directorx (or for test a sub directory) very well, but does not show any music files.

I did a looked into the logfile and found an “exception thrown” event there:

04/07 00:27:11 Debug: [easyhttp] [484] GET to https://push-manager.roonlabs.net/1/connect returned after 520 ms, status code: 200
04/07 00:27:11 Debug: [push2] request to push manager successful
04/07 00:27:11 Debug: [push2] push connector url received from push manager: ws://push-connector-v2-1.prd-roonlabs-1.prd.roonlabs.net/
04/07 00:27:11 Trace: [push2] connecting to push2 connector at ws://push-connector-v2-1.prd-roonlabs-1.prd.roonlabs.net/
04/07 00:27:21 Trace: [push2] exception thrown. restarting connection (The 'Connection' header value 'close' is invalid.)
04/07 00:27:21 Trace: [push2] retrying connection in 97765ms

Any idea to fix this?

Regards, Reinhold

I don’t know for sure as I’m just another user but that doesn’t look like a critical error to me.
In case you don’t know, there are unresolved issues with local libraries right now for some QNAP users.
You can read about workarounds in the respective thread:


Hello Reinhold, I’m thinking to replace my old QNAP TS-451+ with QNAP TS-364. Are you still having problems with Roon core?
Thank you

Hello Paolo,
The localhost workaround works fine so far.
TS-364 works also fine.
I hope that QNAP solves the problem in the future, but maybe they do not really care about such a usecase

Thank you Reinhold.
I don’t know when I’ll replace it but I’ll let you know my experience.
The strange thing is that I installed Roon Core 2.0 on TS-451+ with QTS 5 and had no problems operating with Roon ARC (other than opening firewall ports). Still, it is slow, often the core is unresponsive, which is why I decided to change models.
Again thank you and have a good continuation
Ciao Paolo