QNAP TS-453Be experience

Good evening. I bougt a QNAP TS-453B to expand my nas Library.
I equipped the NAS with WD Red drives and with 2x 500GB SSD using an optional QNAP PCe card (QNAP QM2-2S-220A) and the memory is expanded to 8GB.
With little hope I installed Roon because an i7 is suggested.
Surprise: the system is fast and very responsive and can transdecode the DSD files to PCM with no issues at all wit an elaboration speed above between 5 and 7%.
CPU load between 14 to 26%. I have seen a peak to 62% due to other activities. Used ram: 30%.

Here’s a snapshot of the system (Roon+Qnap)


This is very encouraging news I have a TS-453be on the way as I type. I do not have the QM2 card currently. Is it possible with the QNAP configuration settings to use the SSDs as storage or is it only available for Cache?

I have the ts253be as roon core
I also don’t have a qm2 card
But i use an external ssd on usb3 for the roon database.

Works flawless

Only when nas is idle, the first startup is a bit slower (first connect of the day in roon) after that perfect for my needs

More good news. Thanks.

I’m still quite new to Roon. I’ve only installed my Core once on an old laptop. Can’t recall how that went. When you say External SSD on USB3 I get that, but as for the “roon database” is that something you can pick at set up/install? Meaning during the set up of Roon on your Qnap you could point it to your SSD for just the DB and the rest of Roon’s Core functionality is on spinning drives? Or is your entire Roon core installation on the SSD? Music files are on the spinning drives, correct?

Did you get the QNAP app for Roon via App Center or did you download Roon Core software from Roon site and install it?

You can set them also as a storage.

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all info is here:

courtesy of @crieke




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You can use the SSD also for storage.