Qobuz adds 24-bit versions, but not in Roon?

Qobuz just added the 24-bit versions of the King Crimson catalog yesterday. I can see those on their mobile and web apps (24/44.1), but in Roon I still only see CD quality (16/44.1) versions. When I bring up a title (e.g. In the Court of the Crimson King) I can see the Tracks and Credits tabs, but not the Versions tab I would expect if there is a choice for 24-bit.

I really don’t think thi is an issue on my end, but on Roon/Qobuz’ end. Anyone else see this going on? I wonder how many other titles are 24-bit that don’t show up as such in Roon.

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Hi Dean,

I don’t see them in Roon either.

If they were added to Qobuz yesterday, then it may take a few days for them to be added to Roon. This happens with new releases. There is always a lag before they show up in Roon.

Give it a couple of days and see if they show.

Cheers, Greg

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Thank you. I figured it was on the service end in some fashion.

Hi I think there is a wider issue here I’ve seen it several times recently and done nothing about it

Here is an example Calexico - Year’s to Burn.
Only the 16 bit versions are showing within Tidal and Qobuz.
A 24 bit 96khz version is available on Qobuz however and this was released June 14th…

Another different scenario- Rammstein - loads of albums on Qobuz none of which are visible via Roon

Am I missing something?

The only version of King Crimson to listen to is the vinyl one. Streaming would just be wrong.


The DVD Audio versions are pretty amazing…

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I have 3500 analog LPs. King Crimson isn’t one of them. It’s not something I’d play often enough to justify looking for a M- copy, when I have priorities to collect. The 24-bit version will be good enough.

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Still something funny going on, in both Q-app and Roon if you hit play they both play 24/96 (confirmed by signal path/dac). According to the metadata released in 2014…@support

It gets a little stranger. I just checked in Roon. It still displays as CD 16/44.1 for the album. However, if I play it 21st Century Shizoid Man shows a signal path 24/96 and for the other songs 24/44.1.

Ah good catch, well that at least explains why the Q-app says its a 24/44 album.

Hi @Dean_Wette,

We’ve reached out to Qobuz about this and they’ve confirmed that they’ve found an issue here and have resolved the problem. This 24-bit versions should be available in Roon soon.

Thanks for the report!


I’ve got a support ticket open about this. They are aware and looking into. When you playback this album the signal path does show 24/96 but not when browsing.

Thanks jrd1975 !

Thanks. I’ll check again when I get home today.

I wonder how much other Qobuz content in Roon doesn’t match what’s available in Qobuz apps.

and…it still shows as CD. Shizoid plays as 24/96. Other tracks as 24/44.1.

IOW: still the same as yesterday, etc.

The issue is with Qobuz, I think. Channel Classics was well represented with 24/192 recordings. One day, all gone; CD quality only. Now, a few weeks later, they’re back. It may be a “rights” issue (geographically) as Qobuz is on a trial basis in the U.S.

Can you really tell the difference between the versions? This was recorded in the 60s, I have a vinyl copy somewhere in a box. The recordings were done on equipment that topped out at about 14kHz if nicely calibrated, the magnetic tapes are probably severely degraded from then and I doubt the original masters still exist, they’re probably several generation copies.

I’m curious if anyone can tell the difference or if this is like those magic power cables?

I’ve got the remastered Beatles CDs and when I listen to them the fidelity is still crap but the music is magic so you listen past that.

This remastering and high sampling of poor master material seems to be just a big money making venture, I see the same with 4K versions of ancient movie.

This wasn’t about SQ, but availability. But in general i cannot hear a difference.

The fix is now deployed, but it could take up to a week for any Qobuz content already added to your libraries to be updated.


Have to agree here KotCK is one of my favorite albums. I have the MFSL OMR of this as my golden standard and the DVD-A absolutely smokes it. Haven’t parted with my OMR just yet because I’m probably a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my vinyl.