Qobuz album access - “Error loading page - please check network connection”

Roon Core Machine

NUC i5 (Ethernet connected)
Latest Roon 2.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Superhub 4 (modem mode) 1Gb service
Netgear Orbi RBR50 mesh router plus satellite

Connected Audio Devices

iPad, iPhone with latest Roon 2.0 update (including Arc app)

Number of Tracks in Library

2500 tracks (all Qobuz at the moment)

Description of Issue

Getting sporadic connection issues accessing Qobuz albums from Roon (using iOS devices). 70% of the time, accessing Qobuz albums work OK. 30% of the time, clicking on album ‘hangs’ and gives the “error loading page” message. Sometimes I can go back, try same album again and it opens up automatically with no error message. Can access Qobuz albums directly from Qobuz app directly (without Roon). ARC seems to work OK.

So far have tried all of the below, but to no avail:

Rebooted Roon Core (several times)
Logged out of Qobuz and back in again (with email address)
Changed DNS servers to Google’s
Reserved/fixed the Roon Core IP address as static
Rebooted all internet boxes, routers etc…

It’s as if Roon and Qobuz network interfaces aren’t playing nicely together. Running out of ideas what to try next. Are these network timeouts a known issue that haven’t yet been resolved properly? Don’t want to spend another day troubleshooting if there’s a fix on the way. Any help appreciated as the system’s not usable at the moment.

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I’m getting the exact issues as reported here. Also on virgin media with a similar setup.

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So something strange happened in early hours of this morning (GMT time). I couldn’t sleep so decided to ‘try’ and play some music via Roon. Not a problem, every album loaded instantaneously, no error messages.

But wind on a few hours and it’s back to the same erratic delays and performance.

Support - can you comment on this? Should I just wait and hope things are fixed if it’s a Roon server issue? Or do I rip my network apart and start some serious diagnostics? I’m quite stumped how to best progress to resolve this.

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Exact same issues with Virgin ISP and Unifi based network. Roon not working with Qobuz.

Neighbors waking up. Busy on their wifi interfering with yours. Try to get your core and endpoints connect by cable and see if the problem persists.

I’ll try to simplify my network over next few days to test things out. But what confuses me is that it’s all been working fine for a couple of years until recently and I haven’t made changes other than install new Roon updates as required.

So, a quick update. Everything seems to be working for last few days - all Qobuz albums loading properly now. Never touched a thing, so I’ve no idea if there were some gremlins at my end or some improvements happened at Roon. Fingers crossed.


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