Qobuz album available for streaming via Qobuz but cannot locate with Roon

Core: 2.0 / 1211 ROCK, full wired ethernet. Qobuz subscription. In Roon, if I search on “Honky Chateau”, the only album hit I get is the 50th anniversary edition which is mostly unavailable for me to play. Within the Qobuz desktop app, the same search gives me a regular version I can play as well as the 50th that I can’t. So via Qobuz I can play the regular release directly. With Roon, the regular version does not show in the album hits, but if I click on one of the track hits, it takes me to the regular version of the album, which for some reason is missing from Roon search. Any ideas?

EDIT: ok, I figured it out: this is Roon version grouping, and it has put an unplayable version at the top of the list, when I went into versions, I found a playable version which I then promoted into my library.


Qobuz desktop has two versions, one of which I can play:


Quoting the solution so I can mark as solved.

“solved” is one way of putting it :slight_smile:

The Qobuz app presents the versions directly, far more helpful than Roon that presented me with a yet-to-be-released version as the only match, with a list of unplayable tacks. Ideally, Roon search would have shown both versions directly, so I could see the difference, as was the case with Qobuz.

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