Qobuz and Kef LS50 W stream quality


Is this correct. If I play 88.2 khz 24bit Flac files through my Kefs the signal path looks like in photo below. My device settings are no mqa support and enable mqa core decoder yes. Also even though I start to play 88.2 khz version it changes after a while to 44.1 khz version on the now playing screen.

Hi @HHollstrom,

Thanks for your post. I am unable to reproduce this issue, have you made sure to select this album version before starting playback? 882.kHz shows up as expected for that track:

Might it be that you only have a Hi-Fi Qobuz subscription instead of studio/sublime for the higher resolution content?


Thanks for the reply. It turned out that Qobuz marked the album Hires even though it was not. So everything ok.

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