Qobuz and Tidal login failure [solved, Eero mesh didn’t connect to modem, reboot]

Both fail.
Worked earlier.
Anybody else?

Restarted your core?

Yep. I actually have internet problems in general (this is cellular).

Maybe should restart everything then :slight_smile:

It’s funny, my local network is fine, so I can play local music, all of which is over a year old. Interesting discoveries.

A lesson in troubleshooting: the internet connection was fine, and the Eero mesh was fine, but the Eero didn’t connect to the ISP modem. A mesh node reboot fixed it.

No obvious cause, nothing had been changed.

This illustrates my pessimism about getting mobile music by connecting to my home network. Cloud, baby!

So good to go then…have a great weekend…dont forget to mark a Solution vvvvvvvvvv

Whoa this happened to me with the eero yesterday as well.

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