Qobuz badge not displaying correctly on some albums?

Roon Core Machine

Salkstream III running Linux Arch

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus RT-AX68U > Netgear GS105NA unmanaged switch > Salkstream III, all connected via ethernet cat6 cables. No VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Anthem AVM20 via optical
Oppo 103 via HDMI
IPad 7th gen via Wifi
iPhone 12 Pro via Wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

22594 tracks (local + Qobuz)

Description of Issue

I just noticed the Qobuz badge is not displaying properly on some albums. For example, in this shot, using the search button, these two albums are in my Qobuz favorites, but the Qobuz badge doesn’t show. They appear as if they are in my local file collection (I don’t have local file copies of these).

I have the setting for showing the Qobuz badge turned on

If I select one of those albums, the album view does show the Qobuz badge

Also, in the My Albums browser, the Qobuz badge shows as it should.

Strange……any idea what may be going on?

My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

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The badge is displayed for me in the search results for “disney legacy”. Odd.

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More strangeness….

I have a local copy of Fantasia Legacy Collection, but search shows it as a Qobuz copy in my library.

I just tried doing a search in ARC, and the badges show correctly.

Randomly looking through my collection, I’ve come across many other albums with the Qobuz badge missing or incorrectly applied. It seems the common thread is the errors/inconsistencies occur in the Search results screen. In the My Albums and individual album screens the Qobuz badge is applied correctly.

I tried a reboot, but that didn’t change the behavior.

Anyone else experiencing this?

A bump for @support.

I understand the support queue is longer than usual, and others have more serious issues.

Hi @Saturn94,

I’m very sorry for the delay; we appreciate your understanding and patience.

The team wants to investigate this issue more thoroughly - would you mind taking the following steps to refresh conditions before seeing if you’re still able to replicate the badging issue here?

  1. Update your Core and all Remotes to the latest available build of Roon, if you haven’t already.
  2. Reboot your Core.
  3. Search for the Disney Legacy series in Qobuz once again.

If the issue persists in these conditions, please let us know the approximate timestamp, and the team will dive into logs on the backend.

We appreciate the bump and the precision of your reports.

Maybe a stupid remark, but don’t you have both a local copy and a Qobuz version in your Library.

In your screenshot it is clearly shown that you have different versions

If you click on Versions what do you then see?


I don’t have a local copy. Here’s what I see when I select Versions;

Hi Connor. Thank you for the response.

My Roon core and remotes are on the current version (core = 2.0 b1143, remotes = 2.0 b1141).

I rebooted my streamer/Roonserver core and then did a search for Disney Legacy at 2:38pm EDT; the results are the same as before.

This happens on both my iPad and iPhone. As mentioned before, unlike the Roon app, ARC is displaying the Qobuz badge correctly.

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The top one is marked as in you library ic Qobuz. As you can see there 2 different versions 44/16 and 44/24. As I recall the Qobuz sign needs the be selected in each device. (iPhone/IPad) Not sure but you can give it a try.

His issue is with the missing badge in search results, not in the versions.

As per the existing screenshots:

  • In his library version, the Qobuz badge is shown correctly. That’s the one you referred to as well, third screenshot in OP, Qobuz badge not displaying correctly on some albums?
  • The setting for displaying the library badge is enabled on this device. Second screenshot in OP.
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Thank you, that’s correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, in at least one example above (Fantasia The Legacy), the Qobuz badge is showing where it shouldn’t, ie on my local copy (again in Search Results screen). The errors seem limited to the Search Results screen.

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I updated to the latest release yesterday, but no change in behavior. :frowning:

Another update today, b1154, still no change in Qobuz badges incorrectly being displayed in Search Results. :frowning:

Not a huge deal, but would be nice if this can be fixed.

Hi @Saturn94,

Checking in as it’s been some time, and we’ve made a number of backend changes and improvements in regularly cycled releases since this thread was opened. How has Qobuz album badging been working for you recently?

Thanks for following up.

In the Search Results screen, Qobuz albums that I “added” to my Library still do not show the Qobuz badge, only the Local/Library badge. In the My Albums screen, the same Qobuz albums do show the Qobuz badge.

For example, note the badge on The Hunchback of Notre Dame (album “added” from Qobuz; no local copy) on the album Search Results screen (btw, the previous albums I used as examples that show in this screenshot, Aladdin and Lion King, I have since purchased and added to my local library, so they just show the Local Library badge as they should)

Here is how Hunchback of Notre Dame shows on the My Albums screen

I did noticed the odd behavior with the Fantasia album I mentioned in an earlier post above (Qobuz badge incorrectly showing on the local album) seems to have been corrected (it now just shows the Local/Library badge as it should).

Is the way badges are displaying in the Album Search Results screen and My Albums screen considered “normal”? At least now it seems more consistent than before.

Hi @Saturn94,

The most recent posts do display the correct behavior. The crux here is that the “bookstack” icon actually functions as an indicator for Library (ie. any saved tracks), not Local Library (ie. locally saved files), depending on the granularity of the search.

In the general search results for “Sgt. Pepper’s,” for instance, I see the Qobuz Deluxe Anniversary Edition displayed with both the Library and Qobuz badges to indicate that it’s a Qobuz album saved in my database. I do not have a local copy of this album.

When I click on “More” in the Albums section, the logic of the search has now changed. There can be no local files available that are not already library files. Since all local files in Roon are automatically Library items, the operative distinction here is whether albums are already saved in my library or unsaved and available on a streaming service. So, the Qobuz badge has disappeared from the same version of the album. Instead, only the Library badge is displayed:

This is the same behavior reflected in the Legacy version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in your above example. Hopefully, this makes sense!

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