Qobuz down in Roon?

Not able to play any qobuz right now. Any one else?

YUP me too

Just tried the app it’s Qobuz itself I think.

i am using it within ROON no playback there

Neither Roon nor Qobuz app stream ATM.

Qobuz seems to be down for me in the US. The Qobuz app, website, and through Roon are all down. Glad to know it is t just me!

same here both qobuz app or through roon not playing

Same for me (in Norway)…
Can stream radio and local :slight_smile:

Just back in UK.

And back again :heart_eyes:

For me too.

Working in Italy right now

Working here, east coast USA. :+1:

Qobuz has a tracker that shows when it has down time. Always has been beneficial to check there first.

And they will send you alerts.


A feature suggestion would be for Roon to have a Qobuz and Tidal server indicator. That way customers know whether it is Roon or the service having the issue.


Same here around 9:15 mountain time. Seems okay now.

Lots of services were down in the last 24 hrs. Spotify, Youtube, etc.

with the subscription to ROON I wasted money for nothing. It doesn’t work on Nas Qnap or Mac i7. I use Qobuz.

You’ve posted this sentiment twice now, yet haven’t sought support in this forum. If you want to get things working, open a new #support thread.

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