Qobuz downloads not recognized by Roon Nucleus+

I added today some Qobuz downloads to the external HDD of my Roon Nucleus+. However the albums, Tracks, artists aren’t recognized. Does Qobuz use a tagging format which cannot be interpreted by Roon?

AFAIK, Qobuz metadata is only available for their streamed content, not for downloads (I suspect this is a business, not technical reason). I occasionally buy Qobuz downloads because I want to listen to them on my DAP or non-Roon work system. For these, identification is no different from that for any other digital download or CD rip.

I assume it was the free ones they were offering? I downloaded them the other day and Roon doesn’t have a problem recognising or playing them. Are you sure you selected the correct format when downloading? There’s a drop down menu giving you the various formats, mines are all FLAC.

Yes I had this. Some of the files are in WMA format which Roon does not recognise. Just use a converter (I used dBPowerAmp) to change them from WMA to FLAC and that will sort it.

Hi @Michael_Graw,

Just to clarify — Is the album showing up in Roon but isn’t identified? Or are they not appearing in Roon at all?

Thanks a lot, Danny. Indeed the tracks are imported only when offered as flac-files! Most strange.

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No, the albums aren’t shown, probably due to the fact that the format is wma!

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Thanks for sharing this useful hint!

No problem Michael.

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