Qobuz error and cannot play Too many failures stopping playback

Roon Core Machine

win 10
Optiplex 7060 intel i7 -8700
16 G ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear pro switches
all wired with cat6

Connected Audio Devices

Hifiberry to Yamaha RX A2080

Number of Tracks in Library

~8000 tracs they work fine

Description of Issue

  • When I play local music all works well
  • When I play QoBuz I get this track is not available from Qobuz and then [Too many failures stopping playback… Qobuz]
  • All has been working well until recently.
  • I have rebooted
  • Signed out of qobuz and rebooted signed back in
  • Stopped server, renamed AppData\Local\RoonServer\Cache rebooted
  • logged into qobuz web player and all works fine, same if I play though musiccast (Yamaha)
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You are not alone in this.
The very same is for TIDAL and Live Radio.

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It seems everything’s back to normal now.

I am still having the issue. You no longer have the problem? How wide spread is this issue

You could try the usual stuff, Reboot router/modem, network devices etc., work from router back through your local network devices in turn. Change DNS servers to one of the better providers eg. cloudfare, google etc.
These methods have helped some users experiencing similar problems (myself included).

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Looks like it fixed itself after aprox 48 hours of waiting. to all Thank you for your comments.

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