Qobuz Failures Mac OS 11.3.1

Machine and Network details are in my Profile.

Qobuz inside Roon is acting up.

Sometimes “Track is not available from Qobuz.” It is, in fact, just Roon can’t retrieve it. Not quite the same thing.
Sometimes whole playlists disappear from the Playlists page, yet not from the Qobuz page of Roon.
Sometimes “Failed to load artist”
Sometimes syncing never ends.
Sometimes “Error loading page. Please check your network connection.” Network is up and working great.

Right now, I’m seeing partial Qobuz information retrieval, and no ability to play Qobuz tracks inside Roon at all.

Everything works perfectly in and through the Qobuz Application

Remedies attempted:

Restart everything, from network to RoonServer, to control machine, to endpoints.
Disable/Enable Qobuz inside Roon.
Log out/In again of Qobuz inside Roon.
Delete RoonServer Cache Folder.

Have you tried removing and re-creating the cache folder. See:

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Yes, I have, and I just tried it again. No joy.

A note to anyone else reading this: This will delete all the album artwork that Roon provides. If you have a large library, it will take a while to repopulate that artwork. You may have to Force Rescan all of your music folders, and you may have to restart your Core machine.

Still not working after today’s (795) update:

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello @Andrew_Webb,

It’s been too long… :pleading_face: Please accept my sincere apology for the extreme delay in getting back to you.

Since it’s been quite some time, I was wondering, would you mind sharing with us where things stand? We’d love to help if there’s still an opportunity for that :nerd_face:

Hello @Andrew_Webb

We’re sorry that you’re among the small number of our members who were affected by this. Dylan has posted another update here. We’re happy to report that Qobuz has determined the origin of the issue and a fix has been implemented. Please bear with us, your Qobuz library should be restored soon.

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