Qobuz favorite album not showing up in Roon

Roon Core Machine

NUC with ROCK latest version

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RME ADI-2 directly connected to USB on ROCK

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Description of Issue

I am using Qobuz. The new album of Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett does not show up in Roon even it is added to my Qobuz favorites.

I have no issues with other albums. I added and revoked it from my Qobuz favorites multiple times. Deactivated/acitivated Qobuz service in Roon, Restartet Roon-Server.

Nothing solved this issue.

This can happen, Roon has to wait until Qobuz updates hit its servers, out of Roon control.
New albums can show instantly or delayed, sometimes 3 or 4 days unfortunately.

Did you try to force sync in the settings: services: Qobuz section of Roon?
Might do the trick

Hi Kevin,
force synch did not help.
I wonder that all other releases in Qobuz from the same day or even later synch properly to Roon.
Only this album not.

Hi @Jochen_Klein. Although it can sometimes take a few days to get TIDAL and Qobuz releases into the Roon “catalog” (particularly for surprise releases), in general, pre-announced releases are available immediately on their release date.

However, we did have a specific problem this week: Qobuz made a small (and perfectly reasonable) change to their metadata on Thursday which, unfortunately, broke the code we use to process their incremental updates. [The technical reason is that the uncompressed size of some of the incremental files was >1GB and this broke some 32-bit limits in dotnet code.] We worked with Qobuz yesterday to workaround the problem and have also made a permanent change to make sure that we are not subject to this limit in the future.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience; the Love for Sale release should be available on Qobuz in Roon later this afternoon. :crossed_fingers:

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Two Qobuz releases (24/96 and CD) are now available in Roon.

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@joel Thanks for you support! Issue is fixed.

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