Qobuz favorites no longer show up in Roon library

Roon Core Machine

Antipodes DS server running fedora 25

Networking Gear & Setup Details

B&U set-top box (ADSL modem + wifi) connection on Ethernet, no VPN
Remotes running on PC windows 10 and on Android

Connected Audio Devices

Copland DAC215 connected via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

10500 tracks

Description of Issue

New Qobuz favorites no longer show up in library since I switched to 1.8_legacy sometime in October.
It was extremely useful though.
I tried a number of things:

  • reboot server and remote
  • logout and login into Qobuz
    both without success
    Any hint ?

Where did you favorize these albums:
Qobuz app. Or Qobuz website?

If you favorize the albums in the Qobuz app, they are added to your Library automatically.
If however, you favorize on the Qobuz webpage, they will show under Roon-Qobuz-My Qobuz, but they are NOT added to your Library
You can add them to your Library manually from there.

I have a case open for almost 2 months. It was picked up initially by support, but no feedback anymore.

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I also have this issue:

Mine were added via the Qobuz app to my library.

Many thanks for your answer, very helpful.
I only use my PC for browsing Qobuz, and yes, new favorites are where you mention, ready for use.
That’s OK

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